Guillermo Ochoa Is Wrong To Refuse Mexico Call-Up

Guillermo Ochoa national team refusal

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Last Friday, Mexico national team coach Jose Manuel De La Torre released the names of the Europe-based players whom he will call up for the team’s World Cup Qualifiers on September 6 and 10 against Honduras and the United States.

Six players based in Europe were called up and while many called for Carlos Vela to be included, he predictably was not. The other surprise omission was in the form of Ajaccio goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.

As news of Ochoa’s omission started to settle in, many began to speculate why he was not on the call-up list. Eventually, De La Torre came out and stated that Ochoa told him would rather not be called up if he was not guaranteed to be the starting goalkeeper. Because De La Torre is not a coach who guarantees any player a starting out of principle, it made his decision to leave Ochoa out an easy one.

After a few days of letting the news settle in, it is clear to me and to a majority of Mexican fans that he is wrong, and his decision was very short-sighted. Understanding that Ochoa has been one of the best goalkeepers in Europe for the past two seasons and been the sole reason his club stayed in Ligue 1, I can see why he may feel “entitled” to be the starter for the Mexican national team.

Still, Ochoa is wrong to demand that he be guaranteed starting goalkeeper job on several grounds. For starters, despite how well he plays, Ochoa has hurt his chances of being the undisputed best in the past by having made critical mistakes at critical moments for the national team.

Going back to the 2010 World Cup cycle, Ochoa made some mistakes which a goalkeeper of his skill level should not make in a friendly game several months before the World Cup, which shook the confidence of then-coach Javier Aguirre and saw Ochoa relegated the backup goalkeeper role.

In addition to shooting himself in the foot at key moments, Ochoa is also wrong because whether he wants to accept it or not, the current no. 1 for Mexico, Jesus Corona, is just as good if not better than him. Since Corona has stopped self-sabotaging his career by doing something dumb, his play has allowed him to earn and take hold of the starting goalkeeper job for the Mexican national team.

Therefore, Ochoa must accept that his main challenger is just as deserving as he is.

Very few players can be said to be guaranteed starters on their national teams. Guillermo Ochoa is not one of them. His decision to not accept the call-up for the World Cup Qualifiers looks petty, selfish, short-sighted, and is the wrong decision. Real competitors understand the situation at hand and still are willing to fight for what they want. Hopefully for Mexico, Ochoa realizes this and does a mea culpa.

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  • Dorian Ruvalcaba

    exactly Mr. Bias if you really think ochoa has made mistakes move on with your life and let other goal keepers take the bench because there are other top keepers in mexico for what ive heard ochoa haters say. if he has made critical mistakes what would you even want him in bench stop criticizing his decision and look at the other goalies that what every america hater has been waiting on for years.

    • Felipe

      dude, i think ochoa is a quality keeper, not elite, but good, but he has no right to demand a position he hasn’t earned. 4 coaches have given him the chance to take the position and he hasnt. the only time he brought his club level to the team was in 2007 copa america but apart from that, he’s looked quite ordinary. Im not a huge fan of chepo, but i think he gave corona and ochoa and equal shot to be the starter and corona won. he’s always seemed like a club player who never performed at the national team level, like cr7 a few years ago

  • Lucas Carreras

    Thank You both for taking time to read my article and sharing an opinion what I have written. My bias is based on as a fan of the Mexican national team, wanting to see the best players on the team and Ochoa is one of the best Mexico have at that position which is one of my reasons for feeling he made the wrong one. I also say it as someone who has enjoyed watching Ochoa play at the club level. Yes Mexico are lucky to have a number of quality keepers but Ochoa is still better than all of them except one and still his decision and reason for not accepting the call-up is not right. I don’t hate Ochoa I just don’t agree with his decision.

    • Moises Elias Delatorre

      How was your bias played out as we clearly saw Corona is an idiot he made amatuer errors against honduras that cost us the match. The first goal he rejected the bal towards the d line were bengton was able to capture a rebound the second goal he stood ther and did nothing to aide the defense as a goalie he could of attacked the forwardd thus makng his shoot angle become narrower or he coudl of walked back to cover his far post of which he did nothing . This is not the first time he commits so many errors Im a Chiva fan and for the longest time I have said Ochoa is the #1 in Mexico . on top we need Vela and Hernandez with Gio behid in tohter words have Gio play o both sides o f the pitch.

  • Ernesto Torres

    It appears you are comparing the league In France to that of mexico like if they are equals ochoa is better and why would he travel half the world just to sit in the bench rather than focus on his team in France he deserves the start just as chicharito who hardly plays yet he still makes the first squad in the international team