Sascha Riether's Stamp On Adnan Januzaj Deserves Retrospective FA Ban

By Stowe Gregory
Adnan Januzaj
Photo Courtesy of Manchester United’s Official Facebook page

Sascha Riether should be banned for several games by The FA following his stamp on Adnan Januzaj during Manchester United‘s 3-1 Premier League win over Fulham.

Understandably during the game, the referee and his assistants had a near impossible job to spot what was going on in the corner of Craven Cottage’s pitch; but as the challenge for the ball spilled over into some hotheaded violence, Fulham’s Reither even made non-United fans a little angry.

Januzaj had done nothing wrong as he had simply fell to floor during the challenge, but Reither’s stamp alone warrants some retrospective action from England’s FA.

It was disgusting to be honest. We see players getting sent off for dangerous challenges that are accidental, but to then see Reither get away with violence that was attempted purely to cause injury was horrible. The stamp was attempted on Januzaj’s shin, an area that we all know can lead to leg breaks and potentially career defining injuries.

Fortunately, on this occasion we don’t have to worry about that bizarre rule where if a yellow card has been awarded then no further action can be taken — as Reither managed to simply avoid a booking. But if he escapes punishment again, I will be amazed.

Reither didn’t make things any better with his kick on Januzaj seconds before making it even more of an incident that cannot be ignored. I will be baffled if he gets no punishment, or even at least five games. The stamp was to cause pain; there was no legitimate excuse for it.

For Fulham fans, they’ll be aggrieved also that Reither had the cheek to swap shirts with a Manchester United play post-match and exit the field grinning.

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