Juan Agudelo's Loan to FC Utrecht Will Benefit His Career

By Aydin Reyhan
Juan Agudelo
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Juan Agudelo was supposed to go out on loan to Stoke City some time ago, but that move — unfortunately for him — fell through at the time. However, he is now a Stoke player as a deal was signed in August to bring him aboard and has been training with the club since the beginning of January. Regardless, he gets this opportunity in the  Dutch Eredivisie as FC Utrecht on loan for the remainder of the season. This is to hone his skills ahead of his first appearance in the Premier League.

He is quite excited by the move, as he should be. This will give him a taste of what European soccer is like. Even though there are not too many big teams in the Netherlands, they do play a tough and swift style of soccer that truly forces the very best efforts out of players. This is something that many players can benefit from, especially if they are adventuring on the continent for the first time.

This will teach Agudelo to play more of a team game and not to play lazily. Lazily is the word used because there were times when he would wait for his teammates to do all of the work by finding him in open space for the easy shot on goal. In the Eredivisie, every player works with one another as the coaches will not have it any other way.

The best part of this move is that Agudelo will be able to use his skills and knowledge to benefit his new club. In addition to that, he will learn to be even better in every way possible. Therefore, when the time to make his Premier League debut arrives, he will be ready.


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