Manchester United: Little Hope For A Turn Around With David Moyes

By Stowe Gregory
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As Manchester United failed once again to beat a team within the top 10 this season with a 3-1 loss to Chelsea, there is little hope that suggests an easy turn around for David Moyes‘ side this season.

The fact of the matter is, United has gotten a new manager and chief executive at a period when the club has a squad in need of fresh, world class faces. But there is little hope things will change any time soon. The title is long gone; it was looking a stretch to claw back before the loss at Chelsea, but now it is worth forgetting about.

United has to focus on reaching that crucial top four. That’s a low goal, but it’s vital, and in a season with a huge managerial change, it wouldn’t be so bad.

Transfers may help fix things, but to be frank, is there evidence from Moyes’ managerial past to suggest he can turn around such a tough situation? He’s struggled against the best in the Premier League with an Everton team playing to their best, and this season, the competition is fiercer and his side is in a period of poor football.

Moyes will be given time, that seems clear. Had things been in a more positive situation, you’d expect that he’d be thriving better going forward. But the team seems to no longer be actually playing for him, and it’s a worry for the fans that they must support him, despite having little faith.

Moyes can’t talk about the title any more, it would be laughable if he began to suggest it’s still open. The top four must be the focus. He needs to identify some new players and do his best to bring them to Old Trafford. That’ll give the squad, fans and himself a hopeful boost, but without that, it’s a real concern that everything is in a state of depression at the club.

Lose to Sunderland on Wednesday in the Capital One Cup semi-final and United will be looking for answers from their manager with severity.

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