LeSean McCoy Calling Matt Barkley 'Mark' is Beyond Embarrassing

LeSean McCoy lived up to his nickname on Monday when he called Philadelphia Eagles fourth-round draft pick Matt Barkley “Mark.” This is a guy who was a four-year starter at USC and once called the next big thing in football and he was a huge story in the 2013 NFL Draft because of his fall to the third day, yet McCoy didn’t even know his name?!

What’s in the water in Philly? A few years back, Donovan McNabb said he didn’t know NFL games could go into overtime. Hello! Pick up the rulebook! McCoy, pick up the newspaper because apparently you’re not looking at anything on your phone other than Twitter. Even then, he should see his teammate’s name spelled correctly on his handle. It’s not like Barkley has some “Shady” Twitter handle (@MattBarkley) like McCoy (@CutonDime25).

It would be one thing if Barkley was some no-name kid from the sticks, but he’s a blond-haired quarterback from USC! He was a prodigy coming out of high school and this time last year, everyone was wondering which of the teams with top-10 picks would have taken Barkley in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Eagles got a steal with Barkley falling to them in the fourth round and Michael Vick may be his buddy, but McCoy needs to get a clue.