April Macie Sheds Light on Lance Armstrong's Erotic Fetish

Things just keep getting worse for Lance Armstrong. The seven-time Tour de France winner used to be a hero, and now everytime you hear about him, it’s something more disappointing.

The latest? Well, it’s one of those things you were probably better off not knowing, but we’re going to tell you anyway. Comedian April Macie went on the Howard Stern show Monday morning and revealed what sexual act Armstong is into — the licking of his anas.

He likes analingus.

Apparently, five or six years ago, Macie and a girlfriend met up with Armstrong at his hotel party in Los Angeles, where she accidentally walked in on the act, in the bathroom. Without even knowing who she was, he asked if she, “[wanted] in on a round, too.”

Regarding the situation, Macie said, “I got pretty for the evening. I didn’t know he was going to ask me to eat his ****** later on.”

Naturally, Macie went on to describe the situation in a rather vulgar manner and let Stern know her disgust for the situation in a similar way.

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