Jason Kidd Eager to Coach Brooklyn Nets Despite Recent Retirement

It’s incredibly difficult for professional sports franchises to deal with aging and/or retiring superstars. Teams like the Chicago Bears are forced to move on from icons like Brian Urlacher, while organizations like the Brooklyn Nets must find a way to say no to Jason Kidd as he looks forward to coaching the club in 2014.

Yes — this is the same Kidd who retired after 19 years in the NBA exactly a week ago.

Apparently, the superstar thinks that he has what it takes to run a team with enormous expectations and one of the highest payrolls in the league. Tenure in the NBA is important, but teams like the Nets are prone to making idiotic moves. For instance, only a mental patient would give Joe Johnson a max contract — have fun paying him upwards of $21 million for the next three years, Brooklyn!

Either way, Kidd has no business taking a head coaching job this close to his retirement. If Kidd had a year of experience on the sidelines, it would be a different story, but the Nets are in no position to have Kidd captain the ship. Unfortunately for Nets fans, the team is incredibly overrated and even though they have a top payroll, they don’t have the talent or the chemistry to make a long postseason run.

If Kidd is brought in then you can expect some outrage, yet his initial priority will be to get more out of Deron Williams, who has been a shell of himself since venturing to the East Coast in 2011.