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Top 5 Players To Watch in 2013 College Baseball World Series

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Top 5 Stars in 2013 College Baseball World Series

Top 5 Stars in 2013 College Baseball World Series

Whenever the calendar turns to June, everyone knows to expect the "ping" of the aluminum baseball bats coming from the College Baseball World Series. With that being said, a few players on the collegiate diamonds are on the fast track to becoming MLB standouts sooner rather than later.

Each year, top-notch draft picks and walk ons alike turn heads at the College Baseball World Series and 2013 is no different. In fact, the talent pool this year is full of players who MLB teams have already invested a lot of time and money in. For example, Colin Moran was selected by the Miami Marlins less than a month ago with the sixth overall selection -- the Marlins' faithful are hoping that Moran can mature rather quickly considering the awful roster Miami currently has.

With that being said, you can't rush these collegiate players just because the big-league roster is mediocre. In fact, the best prospects are the ones who are given time to rid themselves of bad habits and develop ones that will ensure longevity at the professional level. Sure, players like Mike Leake skip the minor leagues all together, but more often than not, these college kids endure millions of miles on minor-league buses before they reach MLB lure. While the trips do build character, the College Baseball World Series is the last gasp for many of these players.

However, we've circled five players who have the ability to dazzle at the MLB level and who will be on center stage as the 2013 College Baseball World Series wears on.

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No. 5 Player to Watch: Pat Valaika

Pat Valaika
Jayne Kamin-Oncea

The UCLA Bruins are one of the best defensive squads in the tournament and Pat Valaika is a big reason why. The sure-handed shortstop was awarded the 2013 Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year, so his excellence on the diamond is hardly a fluke. As a junior, Valaika has earned his keep on this power-packed list.

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No. 4 Player to Watch: David Berg

David Berg
Christopher Homewickel - USA TODAY SPORTS

Believe it or not, UCLA Bruins closer David Berg is a former-walk on. Berg is a classic example of someone who got hot at the right time as the shutdown reliever has nailed home five saves this postseason alone. If five saves wasn't impressive enough, Berg has a 1.74 ERA up to this point and has shown no signs of slowing down.

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No. 3 Player to Watch: Michael Conforto

Michael Conforto

Although he is just a sophomore, whenever Michael Conforto takes the diamond he is the best player on the field. A five-tool outfielder, Conforto has put this Oregon State Beavers team on his back as No. 8 leads the team in batting average and home runs.

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No. 2 Player to Watch: Hunter Renfroe

Hunter Renfroe
Bruce Thorson - USA TODAY SPORTS

If this were a "best name contest," then Hunter Renfroe would take the cake. However, Renfroe will have to the deal with second place despite being the 13th overall pick in this year's MLB draft. The Mississippi State Bulldogs can only hope that Renfore keeps tearing the cover off of the ball.

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No. 1 Player to Watch: Colin Moran

Colin Moran

Even the most devout North Carolina Tar Heels hater has to respect the way that Colin Moran plays the game. The Miami Marlins selected Moran with the sixth overall pick this June and will soon reap the benefits. Until then, look for the excellent third baseman to keep turning heads as the Evan Longoria comparisons continue to fly.