Anna Benson Has Lost It: Gets Jailed For Handgun and Bulletproof Vest Incident

High-profile relationships are tougher than people realize, especially when they involve a professional athlete. However, Anna Benson has absolutely no excuse for what she did to her ex-husband and former-MLB pitcher Kris Benson.

Given this woman’s obvious insanity it’s not a real shocker that the exotic dancer turned “Baseball Wives” star was arrested and charged with two separate counts of aggravated assault and battery with a gun, possession of a firearm in a felony and criminal trespass.

To be more specific, the 37-year-old Anna reportedly showed up to the Benson’s recently-vacated house donning a bulletproof vest and a handgun. If that wasn’t scary enough, she also had a hatchet, expandable baton and a taser in her possession. The police report currently shows that Anna confronted Kris in the bedroom, smashed a computer monitor with the expandable baton and then took the gun out of her purse and commanded $30,000 from her ex-husband.

Prior to Monday’s incident, Anna had been in the news for her craziness more than once. For example, in 2006 she went on Howard Stern‘s radio show and had this infamous response when asked what would happen if Kris had ever cheated on her:

“I would sleep with the entire Mets team — including the ballboys.”

I think this statement says all that you need to know about Anna Benson, but just in case here’s this nugget as well: Anna once showed up to the New York Mets family-friendly Christmas party sporting a skimpy Mrs. Clause outfit.

You sure know how to pick ’em, Kris.

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