NCAA Stopping Jersey Sales Isn't Out of Pure Heart

The NCAA is as crooked as an Illinois politician and it showed its true colors once again on Thursday. When pinned down by basketball commentator Jay Bilas, the NCAA said it will suddenly stop the sale of team jerseys, basically saying it’s not right for them to continue down this path. I’m sure they stumbled on to this epiphany out of a pure heart.

Folks, the only reason the NCAA did this is to save face while fighting multiple lawsuits that claim the organization has been illegally using the name and likeness of college athletes to make money for years. They didn’t just decide to stop doing that because enough fans, analysts and athletes cried about it. There’s money at stake!

No matter what this corrupt governing body says, the only reason this is happening is because the NCAA could lose millions because it’s been screwing these athletes over and now it’s trying to cover its tracks. Too little, too late, sucker! That ship has sailed! Good luck paying back Tim Tebow all the money you made off him. I hear the BCS is hiring.