Urban Meyer Should be Disciplined if Allegations of Illegally Helping Aaron Hernandez Are True

The Aaron Hernandez saga just keeps getting worse and now his college coach, Urban Meyer, is being pulled into the mix. Hernandez was recently indicted for first-degree murder and the investigation has revealed multiple run-ins with the law that were never really brought to light. But the scary part is we may not have even scratched the surface of Hernandez’s history yet.

Rolling Stone magazine did a feature on the ex-New England Patriots tight end and the piece revealed that he was a heavy user of angel dust, which led to constant paranoia, a gun with him at all times and the company of “gangsters” with him instead of family and friends. But the biggest takeaway from the feature was the allegation that Meyer may have helped cover up failed drug tests and violent crime instances to keep the star tight end on the field.

Meyer used to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but ever since his Florida Gators partnership with Tim Tebow came to an end, he’s been in nothing but horrible news like this. Now the current Ohio State coach is considered as wicked as the entire NCAA and these latest allegations are the worst yet.

If Meyer really did cover up these instances that have obviously led to Hernandez throwing his life away, he should be stripped of his title and banned from coaching. Yes, I’m aware that this goes on every day at almost every school in the NCAA, but MLB is making examples to prevent steroid use, so college athletics’ sorry excuse for a governing body should do the same.