End of Mark Sanchez Era for New York Jets Following Surgery is No Surprise

As Willie Nelson and Don Meredith used to day, turn out the lights, the party’s over. Mark Sanchez is set to have season-ending surgery on his throwing shoulder, which means the era of the former USC quarterback in New York is over. But is anyone really surprised?

New York Jets fans and other delusional football minds can talk all they want about how Sanchez and Geno Smith were battling for playing time, but we all know the truth: Smith was the starter from the second he was drafted and that wasn’t going to change unless he suffered a serious injury. But now with Sanchez likely headed to IR, Smith can sit back, relax and enjoy life as the Jets’ signal-caller.

As for Sanchez, he’s smart to go ahead and have the surgery so he’ll be healthy and ready to try out for other teams as a free agent in 2014. Again his tenure in New York was going to end anyway, so now he can focus on his future instead of pretending like he wants to watch Smith butt-fumble away another Jets season from the sideline. Be sure to check back for our top five landing spots for Sanchez so you can cringe if your favorite team is listed.


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