Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany Saying Players Should Skip College is a Bad Idea

There are obviously a lot of different issues surrounding college sports. But, have no fear, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany has a solution to get on the right track: Why don’t college athletes just skip college altogether?

While this idea seems crazy, Delany backs up his idea by saying that college football and college basketball should use the MLB model, so players can choose to go pro out of high school, if they want. He says that by doing this, college sports could avoid many current problems that are around today.

One of those problems? Compensation. Players want to get paid. While I understand that college athletes work incredibly hard to play the way they do, the topic of getting paid to play is a very sticky situation.

Aside from payment issues, the other negative from Delany’s idea is lack of experience and training. If young college players were to skip college and join the pro leagues, many of them would fail. Most high school programs, don’t adequately prepare their athletes to become professionals right away.

There would be a huge gap of talent among those who went to college and those who didn’t. Not to mention, what would happen to college sports? I don’t think America is ready to handle the thought of college football season without Johnny Manziel or Jadeveon Clowney.

This really is not the best idea. While Delany has good intentions, it just simply wouldn’t work. Young athletes need college and frankly, college needs them.

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