Mariano Rivera Should be Allowed to Play Outfield for Rest of Season

The New York Yankees are officially out of playoff contention, so the farewell season for Mariano Rivera already has an end date. After an emotional final game at Yankee Stadium, the greatest closer in MLB history now has three meaningless road games against the Houston Astros to finish his career, so why not let him play whatever he wants?!

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said he might play Rivera at centerfield in the eighth inning if his team “has that opportunity.” Why? Why not let Rivera start the game at any position he wants?! The Yankees and Astros are both done this year and Rivera has more than earned the right to enjoy his last three days as a major-league pitcher. For Girardi to act like anyone even remotely cares about the outcome of these three games against the Astros is absurd.

Look, Rivera says he wants to play in the outfield, so let him do it! What harm could it do? Who cares if he gets hurt? Because he doesn’t! Heck, let him lead off the lineup and DH if he wants to. The man is a legend and there is absolutely nothing riding on these games. Let him play, Joe. Let him play.


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