Robert Griffin III Will Get No Sliding Help From Bryce Harper

If you have tuned in to a Washington Redskins game recently, you’ve probably noticed that something is a little off with star quarterback Robert Griffin III this year. Coming back from off season knee surgery, Griffin just doesn’t appear to be the dynamic playmaker he was during his rookie campaign as the Redskins have stumbled out of the gates to an 0-3 start. However, one thing does remain the same, and that’s that Griffin still has no clue how to slide! In fact, in last week’s matchup against the Detroit Lions, Griffin dove head first at the end of a run rather than slide, causing him to cough up ball once he hit the turf.

For a playmaker like Griffin, being able to properly slide is an absolute must so that he doesn’t get himself killed out there. So with that in mind, Griffin recently lobbied for Washington Nationals stud Bryce Harper to give him some tips on to properly stop, drop and hit the deck.  While it sounds like a pro sports ‘bromance’ waiting to happen, Harper issued a seemingly blasé response to Griffin’s request through Twitter by saying, “I think he’s (Griffin) okay. I don’t slide very well either”.

So, it certainly looks like Griffin is going to have spend some time on his own perfecting the feet first slide, because his D.C. compadre Bryce is going to be way too busy this offseason, as he attempts to perfect…his brohawk.


Robert Griffin III Would Take Advice From Bryce Harper On Sliding