Greatest Basketball Dunks You'll Ever See

Through the years, there have been some incredible dunks that have left basketball fans in awe of the greatness shown by some big-time athletes. From Michael Jordan’s signature dunk to win the 1998 NBA Slam Dunk Contest to LeBron James’ “no regard for human life” jam over Kevin Garnett in Game 4 of the 2008 Eastern Conference Finals, we’ve been treated to some incredible displays of athleticism through the years. But what if we’ve been missing out even still?

If you’re a fan of trick dunks, then the answer is yes. All over the world, kids (and adults) of all ages are putting together incredible collaboration dunks that require way more athleticism and coordination than that shown by MJ and LeBron, with all due respect.

Fortunately, almost all of these instances were caught on camera and we’ve done the digging to put together the video compilation above that features all of the amazing dunks from around the world, most of which are off the basketball court.

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