Indiana Pacers' 6-0 Record Is Impressive, But NBA Season Is Still Young

The Indiana Pacers are currently atop the NBA with an impressive 6-0 overall record, but the Pacers’ bandwagon is bigger than you could ever imagine. Pundits from across the league are already calling Indiana the favorite to win the Eastern Conference and an NBA Title in 2014. Something just doesn’t add up here…

I understand that Paul George is everyone’s favorite NBA player because of his youth and early maturation, but people need to stop treating George like he’s the second-coming of Scottie Pippen. At 23 years old, George still has a lot to learn and his battles with Miami Heat star LeBron James have only begun. Just wait until the Pacers-Heat rivalry kicks into gear and the target on Indiana’s back grows.

A franchise-best 6-0 start is bound to get a few fans talking, yet it’s far too early in the season for the Pacers to be getting this much love. Therefore, let’s hold off on calling the Pacers “Kings of the East” because the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls and the aforementioned Heat will all have something to say before season’s end.


Indiana Pacers Currently Field Best Team, Own League’s Best Player, Defender

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