BCS Standings Heading Into Week 13 Setting Up Ugly Finish to 2013 Season

For the first time all season, the undefeated teams in BCS conferences are all at top of the standings. You would think the monstrosity that is the BCS would boost the undefeated teams in its own standings considering its leaders harp on how important that is all the time, but that’s what happens when you have a bunch of guys who don’t know anything about football running the thing. But as for the actual standings, things are finally fair, but that will only make things as unfair as ever once things are all said and done.

At Nos. 2 and 3, Florida State and Ohio State will both finish the season undefeated because they have no one left on their schedules. The Buckeyes haven’t had anyone on their schedule at all this year, but that’s another Rant.

Alabama still must play the streaking Auburn Tigers, who are now No. 6, but unless the Crimson Tide is knocked off in Iron Bowl, Nick Saban’s squad will play in a third straight BCS National Championship Game.

The Wild Card is Baylor as the Bears are now 9-0 after demolishing Texas Tech. But considering the high-scoring squad from Waco still has to play Oklahoma State and Texas, Baylor will be deserving of a spot in the title game as well.

So we’re going to have two undefeated teams left out of the title game the year before the four-team playoff begins. How ironic! The end of the BCS era will be as ugly as it’s ever been, and that’s saying something. Good riddance.


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