Gary Kubiak Needs to Be Fired Yesterday

Gary Kubiak needs to be fired – like yesterday.

Houston dropped their ninth straight game of the season on Sunday as Kubiak’s hapless Houston Texans lost – at home – to the Jacksonville Jaguars: a team so historically bad they have become a walking punch line.

Given the talent and expectations of this Texans team entering the season, it is clear that no coach has managed to do less with more than Kubiak. In fact, Kubiak’s team wasn’t even able to score a single touchdown against the Jaguars, and the game was in Houston!  It’s pathetic.

The Texans have some of the most talented players in all the NFL and yet Kubiak has found a way take this pool of elite talent and drain it like bathtub!

And for those of you looking to jump to his defense by saying, ‘oh but he’s had health problems this year give the guy a break’- you need to a drink a big ole glass of shut up juice and get a clue.

Gary Kubiak has been a first rate catastrophe as an NFL coach this season and it is clear that he can’t stand the heat, so he needs to take a step back, and get out of the kitchen.