Allen Iverson Facing Financial Troubles after $154 Million Career

By Marian Hinton

It appears that $154,000,000 just won’t get you very far these days.

At least not for Allen Iverson.

Reports surfaced earlier this week that the man once deemed as “The Answer” may not have any answer to his own financial troubles.

After earning $154,494,445 over the course of his professional career, Iverson was recently taken to court for his inability to pay a jeweler the $860,000 which he owes him. According to Washington Post, the judge ordered that a thorough examination of Iverson’s earnings and finances be conducted and that his wages be garnished to pay off his debt.

During his prime, Iverson was undoubtedly one of the best players in the NBA–perhaps ever. His 26.7 points/game average places him as #6 on the all-time list of NBA scorers. His 29.7 points/game average in the playoffs ranks him second only to Michael Jordan himself.

Off the court, Iversion was always known for his lavish lifestyle, often seen with a large entourage and sporting diamonds that would make Elizabeth Taylor jealous.

Since his days with the NBA have ended, Iverson has spent the last couple of years playing professional basketball in Turkey, where he signed a 2 year contract for $4 million. It has been rumored that he may soon be headed to Puerto Rico to continue his career.

It’s hard to imagine how one person can go through that much money in so little time, or ever really.

However, it appears that, at the young age of 36, the former NBA great and 11-time NBA All-Star has done just that.



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