NBA Rumors: Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers Front Offices May Meet Friday

By Joshua Casey

Earlier today the never ending Dwight Howard drama took another unexpected turn when information leaked that the Orlando Magic may not trade Howard until next summer, facilitating a possible sign-and-trade. So if you haven’t had enough of this whole situation, which seems like it may never end, here’s another rumor that has just surfaced. First off, if you haven’t heard, Magic GM Rob Hennigan will be heading to Los Angeles, on Friday (or possibly Saturday, or Sunday the day really depends on when the Magic choose a new head coach, which is expected to be soon), to try and convince superstar center Dwight Howard to stay with the Orlando Magic.

The idea is extremely far-fetched due simply to the fact that Howard has given no indication that he would like to stay in Orlando, and many credible NBA sources have stated that the possibility of Howard staying in Orlando is zero-to-none. Howard has had the Brooklyn Nets as his preferred destination for a while now, and has just recently settled on the idea of re-signing long-term, once the 2012-2013 season ends, with the Los Angeles Lakers.

You would think that this alone would be a hint to Hennigan that Howard would like to be traded elsewhere, but I digress. So with Hennigan planning a meeting with Howard in Los Angeles this weekend, and with the information about Howard not wanting to re-sign long-term in Orlando I just provided, one could easily see how this meeting might not end well. This is where the new rumor fits in. Word has been floating around that if the meeting with Howard does not go well, and he does express his disinterest in a future with the Orlando Magic organization, then the Magic’s next move may be to head over to a meeting with the Lakers.

The meeting, which could, or could not happen, would probably be to talk about the specifics on a Howard trade, although specifics of a possible meeting are unknown. The Lakers still seem to be the front-runner for Howard especially since the Houston Rockets latest spending spree has left them with less cap space, and flexibility to try and acquire Howard. At this point it still seems that the Lakers three-way trade, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, may be the best option for the Magic.

The Magic have made it clear that if they trade Howard they would like to come away with cap flexibility, draft picks, and a young player to build around. With the Rockets recently signing Jeremy Lin, and Omer Asik they may be less willing to take back some contracts that the Magic would like to get rid of. Either way one thing is for sure, the Dwight Howard saga is long from over.


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