Laurie Fine May Have Slept With Syracuse Players

By Patrick Erickson

Step aside Paris Hilton, Gene Simmons, and Kim Kardashian. If the rumor on Deadspin is true, you no longer have the most scandalous sex tape.

Days after Lauri Fine’s phone conversation with Bobby Davis, the former Syracuse ball boy who’s allegations of child molestation against Bernie Fine got the longtime Jim Boeheim assistant fired, was released to the public sources say that Mrs. Fine may have been an active participant in the whole thing.

Turns out that Davis could very well have had sex or some kind of intimate relation with the wife as well. And then it gets worse/better….depending on your viewpoint.

One media source told Deadspin that they have evidence that the missus had sex with players over the years, perhaps as early as 1982, and that a sex tape may exist.

Having relations with the associate coaches wife was/is apparently a rite of passage for many players and the tape has passed from hand to hand within the Syracuse basketball mafia circle for years.

Safe to say if this is true, Jim Boeheim’s reign as head coach has to be over. Difficult as it is to believe that he knew nothing of decades of abuse to his ball boys it is at least plausible. It is impossible to imagine he knew nothing of his players sleeping with his number one assistant’s wife for decades and a tape circulating around. Sorry Jim. If it’s true, you’re toast.

Who wants to set the odds on which Syrcause player the tape was with? Carmelo Anthony or Derrick Coleman anyone?


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