Video: Tim Tebow Autotune 'All He Does is Win'

By Johnny Machurek

Say what you want about Tim Tebow but the truth is all he does is win, which is the idea behind an auto-tune video from ESPN’s First Take on YouTube.

I have to admit I could not stand Tebow when he was in college it was more about the fact he was a Florida Gator than anything else.  Over the course of this season he has made me a fan, because all he is does is win.

One could say he is the second coming of Vince Young, who early in his career found ways to win in the league.  I would have to disagree because while they complete around the same percentage of passes he throws way less INTs.  He does make better decisions and is smart with the ball.

I hope Tebow continues what he is doing because he is just fun to watch.

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