Kim Kardashian Tried To Set Up A Date With Tim Tebow

By Riley Schmitt

If you need any more confirmation that Kim Kardashian is a money sucking banshee, this post should do this.  According to Celebitchy, the former wife of Kris Humphries has now set her eyes on Tim Tebow.  Kardashian attempted to set up a date with the young Denver Broncos QB, but he turned down.

Kardashian not only finds his values attractive, but she also sees the dollar signs attached to him.  Tebow is ratings gold and Keeping Up With The Kardashians is in need of a ratings boost.  Tebow said he was flattered, but he’s not interested in Kardashian at this time.

Good for Tebow.  Sometimes celebrities need to get knocked back to reality.  Kardashian thinks she can have whatever she wants, but that’s not how the world works.  Everyone saw through her marriage scam and dating Tebow would be just as hollow.

With Tebow out of the question, I wonder who she’ll set her sights on next?

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