Video: New Orleans Saints Isa Abdul-Quddus Nails Hakeem Nicks

By Jeff Shull

Looking back on the New York Giants game versus the New Orleans Saints, it appears as if some foul play was involved in multiple big hits by the Saints.

It seemed quite evident the Saints were doing their best to take Hakeem Nicks out of the game, as you can tell in the video above.

The bounty part is noticeable when even as the play was penalized, the Saints players were cheering like crazy after the play. Defenses do this all the time, but with the facts we know now, I wouldn’t be surprised if money was on the table to take Nicks out.

Another questionable hit on Nicks was made by Tracy Porter, who hit him clear out of bounds and was later fined by the NFL for the play.

Eli Manning was also targeted by defensive end Will Smith, who hit Eli late and was flagged for roughing the passer.

Taken at a glance, these would appear to be normal plays, but when put under the microscope with what the NFL Security people uncovered, one could make the assumption a bounty was in play.


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