VID: Martin Kaymer Skips In Hole In One During Masters Practice Round

By Riley Schmitt!

Martin Kaymer just had the moment of the Masters and it hasn’t even started yet.  Kaymer was in his practice round and approached the tee at the par three 16th.  Kaymer skipped it across the water and into the bottom of the cup for a hole in one.

I’m not going to lie, it was an awesome shot.  The camera work is not great, but who cares?  Not many people record aces at 16, much less use the water to achieve such things.  If this is a sign about how the Masters will be this year, I’m extremely excited.

Imagine if Tiger Woods did that.  I think the Internet would explode.  I’m pretty sure I would drive to Georgia just to bow down at his feet.  That is how good this shot is.  Combines the perfect amount of luck and skill.  I wouldn’t recommend trying it at home though.  That’s an easy way to lose a golf ball.

Hopefully he tries this again during the actual tournament.  I think he would get a special green jacket for that.

Thanks to CBS Sports for the video.

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