ESPN’s Sarah Phillips Running LeBron James Joke Contest

By Michael Terrill

Want to make fun of LeBron James? Want to point out that he does not have a championship ring? Want a pair of Beats by Dre headphones? Good news, you can have the thrill of all three!

ESPN Playbook contributor Sarah Phillips (writes hilarious responses to ESPN’s Junk Mail, bona fide babe) is running an once-in-a-lifetime contest in which fans can submit their “best LeBron no ring joke”  from May 1 through the NBA Finals. Phillips will pick three finalists who will have their jokes voted on and the winner will receive a brand new pair of Beats by Dre headphones. I know, too good to be true, right? Wrong! Check out Phillips’ video on YouTube explaining the contest below:

I told you she was a bona fide babe. Anyways, follow Phillips on Twitter to learn more details about the contest. Also, following her will subject you to her hilarious comments on anything and everything involving sports.

This contest is ingenious and will create all sorts of craziness throughout the Twitter world. I am looking forward to participating and seeing how creative people will get. I also cannot wait to see how LeBron handles everyone outside of Miami making fun of him over the next couple months.

You better get started because people are already grinding away in search of the perfect joke. Matt Fairfield via Facebook is already a step ahead of the curve: “If Lebron wanted a ring, he should have stayed in Cleveland and bought one from Terelle Pryor.”

And so it begins.

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