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Lolo Jones Says She Does Not Want to Be Famous

Lolo Jones burst onto the scene this year more so than any other athlete. The US Olympian first made headlines by saying she was still a virgin and then things snowballed from there. She was the focus of a ton of interviews and stories, but she says she does not want to be famous.

“I’m not running track to be the most famous person,” Jones explained during an interview with KCCI in Des Moines. “If I wanted to do that I would totally do a Kim Kardashian or Snookie. I’d do a sex tape or something like that if I wanted fame. I’m running track to get a medal so if I had that medal that would make me content.”

Sorry, Jones, but I am going to disagree with you. You may have run to win a medal, but everything else was done in a way to get famous.

I do not blame her. You might as well capitalize on the spotlight while it still hovers over you, set yourself up for endorsements and opportunities to make money the rest of your life. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

I do have an issue with her acting like this was all unexpected. Going public and saying you’re a virgin may have just been a moment of honesty, but everything else was a crafted way to get exposure. Any athlete would hope to have the attention that she has had for the last few months. Everywhere you looked, there was Lolo Jones.

Lolo may not have wanted to be famous, but she certainly set herself up to become famous. Now she has to live with it and people may dislike her for it. Crying on interview shows won’t help her cause anymore.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.