Paul Ryan Gives Awkward Pre-game Speech To Miami (Ohio) On Saturday

By Riley Schmitt

Paul Ryan could end up being the next vice president of the United States.  He is an okay speaker, but he does need to work on some things.  If you wanted proof of that, just listen to this video and the speech that he gave to his Miami (Ohio) football players before they took on Ohio State on Saturday.

Ryan attended Miami and was simply trying to pump the team up.  He thought that they might have been able to pull off a massive upset but it was not meant to be.  Maybe his speech ended up ruining their confidence.  He stumbled over some words and ended up mixing up OSU and Miami.  Not exactly a good thing.

I guess you can give the guy credit for trying to pump the team up.  Although many of the players may not realize it, having a prospective VP give a speech to you is quite a big deal.  It may not have been the world’s best speech but that is a moment that you can remember for a while.

We will see if Miami (Ohio) can rebound from the thrashing that OSU gave them.  If they need more motivation, maybe they call up Ryan again and see if he can fire them up.  Then again, maybe the results speak for themselves.

If this is going to be a foreshadowing moment for a Republican ticket, it might not be the best thing ever.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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