Brandon Browner Jacks Up Wes Welker

By Riley Schmitt

Brandon Browner is an extremely physical player.  Wes Welker is no slouch in that department either.  On Sunday, the two came head to head and Browner emerged the victor.  Seriously, this hit is brutal and it is completely legal.  Just watch.

To Welker’s credit, he got right back up from this play.  This play is just a perfect example of a legal hit.  It was not dirty at all and it was a play that would lead highlight segments for days in the past.  However, we are all so safety conscious now that this play will not get the respect that it deserves.

I am going to watch this play over and over again.  It is that good of a hit and it should be shown to a lot of players.  There are ways to deliver big hits and do it in a completely legal way.  He did not go head hunting and he did not lead with his helmet.  That is exactly how you would want a guy to deliver a hit.

The hit was great and the fact that Welker got back up and had a catch a couple plays later shows how tough that he is.  Remember when he was in the doghouse earlier in the year?  Yeah, those were fun times.  He is now the most important person for that offense, outside of Tom Brady.

You will see this hit on some highlight shows.  It certainly drew a big reaction on Twitter and that counts for something.


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