Kate Upton Video: Topless Photo Shoot for Vogue Germany

By Bryan Lutz
Bruce Weber – – Vogue Germany

Let’s face it: the words Kate Upton and topless are the greatest combination the world could possibly ask for.

For one reason or another, Kate Upton is linked to the sporting world. Whether it’s her gracing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue or dating Justin Verlander, we try to keep Upton relevant in the sports blogging world. I feel it’s my civic duty to update all the the readers of Rant Sports what Ms. Upton is up to these days. Here you go:


This montage gives the Rocky series a run for their money. I mean, I’m a big Bobby Darin fan! That it “Had To Be You” joint is the tops!

What makes Kate Upton so irresistible is that she just seems so down to earth and cool. She could be one of the biggest brats in the world, but she seems like a fun girl to have a beer with. Wait… she can’t have beer yet. I forgot.

I should also add that these lads in the video are the luckiest fellas on the planet. Well, outside of Justin Verlander, of course. I want my job description to say I can spray Kate Upton with water as I roll around with her. Sounds like the life to me!

Thank you Vogue Germany. Thank you very, very much.

Bryan is a featured writer for Rant Sports. Although he concentrates on MLB, you can see him covering a multitude of things across Rant Sports.

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