More Pictures Surface of Johnny Manziel and Spring Break Bikini Girls

By Jeric Griffin
johnny manziel girls

Is it just us or are there new pictures of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel with scantily-clad women every other week? Spring break is over for most of the world, but not Johnny Football. Even more pictures of the Aggies’ water bug-like signal-caller have surfaced with college girls in bikinis on his arms and alcoholic drinks in his hands. The Heisman Trophy winner is only 20, so that could get him into trouble.

If you check out the tweets to Manziel from other college girls in not much clothes, you’ll see that he’s quite the ladies’ man. Of course, the girls in bikinis drinking and kissing Johnny Football in these pictures are not Sarah Savage, his girlfriend. Naturally, the redshirt sophomore-to-be tweeted the following afterward to save face with his sweetheart:

So when were these pictures taken? Nobody knows and probably never will. Heck, Manziel probably doesn’t even know the names of the girls in these pictures. Texas A&M has already issued one statement regarding Manziel’s fame and behavior, so this definitely isn’t doing him any favors in that department.

Do you think Manziel can win a second Heisman as a sophomore in 2013? What about his draft stock? Where do you think he’ll be drafted assuming he forgoes his final two seasons of college eligibility? Comment below and let us know!

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