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Jay-Z Sports Agency: 6 More Career Moves That He Should Consider

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6 More Career Moves That Jay Z Should Consider

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Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

Jay Z is in the news again and no it's not for a new hit single.

It is however, related to his next potential career move and just one year after moving the Nets from New Jersey to his hometown of Brooklyn, Jay Z is now trying to sell his ownership shares and pursue a career in sports agency.

Jay-Z's company, Roc Nation, has already landed its first client after partnering with Creative Artists Agency to sign New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano. However, in order for Jay Z to pursue NBA talent, he must sell his ownership rights.

So, there you have it. Jay Z is trying to move forward in a new aspect of the sports world and represent professional athletes now. It must be nice to simply wake and say, "Hey, you know what, I think I'll become Robinson Cano's agent now."

Bottom line for Jay Z is this -- why not? Honestly, he very well could be successful in this aspect of professional sports, so go for it.

I'm no adviser, but let's take a look at six additional career moves he could consider from here:

With that being said, Jay Z should take a look at the current NBA MVP award candidates -- just in case he's interested in signing one or two or all of them someday -- so, here you go.

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Sell His Shares of the Brooklyn Nets

Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

Okay, so for any of this to happen, Jay Z needs to complete the share of his ownership in Brooklyn. It's his plan and everybody wants to see what players he can sign from here on out -- so please -- someone purchase Jay Z's part of the Nets.

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Preach the Metta World Peace Strategy

world peace
Gary A. Vasquez-USA Today Sports

Metta World Peace returned from knee surgery on Tuesday night, just 12 days after going under the knife. How did he manage to return so quickly? Well, he told reporters that he was "too sexy for his cat." No, really. Check out the video in that link.

Jay Z's clients might someday also be injured, so he needs to get on board with World Peace's groundbreaking trend right now. He needs to make sure that the players that he signs are also "too sexy for their cats." This way they will be able to recover faster.

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Sign LeBron James & Bring Him Back to Cleveland

David Richard-USA Today Sports

LeBron James will be a free agent in 2014 and of course the rumors of him being interested in returning home to Cleveland have begun.

Well Jay Z, why not make this happen? What a story line it would be. Sign LeBron James and in 2014 bring him back to Cleveland. Everybody would win. Well, expect maybe Miami or actually maybe Cleveland too if LeBron can't bring the Big Three with him. We've all been there before.

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Sign Peyton Siva & Introduce Him to Beyonce's Friends

Robert Deutsch-USA Today Sports

Peyton Siva played in his final collegiate game on Monday night, cutting down the nets as a member of the 2013 National Champion Louisville Cardinals. Then "Twitter Model" Jenna Shea called him out released picture messages of them flirting and talking behind his girlfriend's back. Check out the full story.

Okay Jay Z, help him out here. Siva is likely bound for a professional career in Europe, so this can be a two-way street. Sign Siva and gain some influence overseas -- it may help someday -- and then introduce the senior point guard to some of Beyonce's friends instead of this "Twitter Model." James Harden can reportedly tell Jay Z a little more about Jenna Shea.

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Sign Andrew Bynum...to His Record Label

Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

Jay Z needs a big man on his client roster and why not sign one of the top young prodigies in the game -- Andrew Bynum.

Bynum had off-season knee surgery, but joined the Philadelphia 76ers as part of the Dwight Howard blockbuster. He then re-injured his knee in a bowling incident and has yet to suit up in Philly.

You know what, maybe Jay Z's record label needs a big man instead. Send Bynum to the music department, he could become the latest former Lakers center to doing some rapping. Ahem -- Shaq.

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Sign LeBron Two New Sidekicks & Start a NBA Franchise in Europe

Derick Hingle-USA Today Sports

Remember Jay Z, you signed Siva and made some connections overseas. Those could pay off when the NBA finally starts a franchise in Europe. Don't worry though, you have about 20 years or so. David Stern said back in January that he thinks the NBA is heading in that direction.

I'm thinking take LeBron and then like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. That should be enough talent to start a franchise overseas.