Why Would Snoop Dogg Show Support For Aaron Hernandez on Instagram?

By Dan Parzych
Snoop Dogg and Aaron Hernandez
(Snoop Dogg Instagram)

Every day, it seems like there’s new information discovered about former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez as police continue their investigation on him for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Obviously, Hernandez has lost just about every fan he ever had over this incident as every bit of evidence has basically proven that he’s guilty when it comes to Lloyd’s death, but it appears he still has the support of at least one other celebrity–Snoop Dogg.

The popular rapper recently uploaded an old photo of himself with Hernandez from what appears to be from a bar or a party with the caption: “Keep ya head up !! We prayn 4 ya.” It’s understandable why Snoop would feel bad for Hernandez considering he’s basically been isolated in a jail cell since last week, but to post a supportive message like this is nothing short of ridiculous–especially when taking into consideration that Snoop was once accused of murder himself.

It’s a shame to hear all these stories about Hernandez as he had everybody fooled over the years about who he really was and there’s a good chance his image will continue to be ruined as more details come out about this case. Once again, a professional athlete is unfortunately putting their blessed talent to waste and nobody should be showing any support or sympathy towards Hernandez at this point considering how intense the crimes he committed were–not even from someone like Snoop.

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