Miami Heat: LeBron James Serves His Civic Duty

By Will Connolly
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Even being the biggest star in the world of basketball can’t get you out of serving your civic duty. LeBron James was quoted tweeting early Thursday morning, “Jury duty time. Time to serve my civic duty.” The King then instagramed three pictures of his attire before heading out to the courthouse.

According to an article written by the Akron Beacon Journal, James was accompanied by a friend and a Bath Township police officer that provides security for him when he comes into town. He sat in the jury foreman’s office to avoid unnecessary attention and read a book quietly while waiting.

LeBron only spent one hour at the Summit County Courthouse before being released. And although there was a fair share of whispers shared upon his arrival, he left unnoticed with the other 50 un-chosen members serving their duty with him.

This is just a testament to the fact that no matter how big of a star you become, you can’t escape the normality of being selected to serve your judicial court. And it’s nice to see that even a superstar athlete like LeBron James doesn’t feel that he is above the law and still shows up for jury duty like the rest of us.

As for the rest of James’ offseason activities, he is scheduled to host a variety of charitable events back in his hometown this weekend, while also working out and enjoying some much needed rest after his return from his promotional tour in Southeast Asia.

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