2013 Fantasy Football Strategies: Have Patience With Your Players

By Dustin Manko
Arian Foster
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Last season Vincent Jackson had a decent first month of the fantasy season. He alternated two outstanding games and two poor performances before going on bye in Week 5. I have to assume that this owner needed a bye week replacement, or was already tired of his inconsistencies because he cut Jackson the Tuesday after Week 4 ended.

His loss, my gain. Seeing a top 10 receiver on the wire, I threw my claim in and Jackson was mine. He had a very good Week 6 and an exceptional Week 7, where he reaped revenge on the owner who cut him. He finished 2012 as the 10th highest scoring wide receiver.

The point is that for the first quarter of the season or so you need to have patience with these players. You drafted these guys. You made a conscious decision to add them to your roster. After two or three bad weeks, that player no longer has second or third round potential the rest of the season? He is a washed up bum, worthy of being cut for a player who might not have been drafted, or who was cut by another impatient owner?

Cool your jets. I understand that there will be a waiver wire must add in the coming weeks, and I will more than likely tell you who that guy is. I’m just saying that you need to exercise a little patience with your guys off the bat. Yes they have the OTAs and the minicamps. They play in a few snaps in a few preseason games, but can’t we all agree that the preseason is more for the guys on the cut line as opposed to the Pro Bowlers? You’ve heard countless players mention that there is nothing quite like the real game and it might take them one or two to get their full speed and rhythm back.

Do you really think that the guy you thought highly enough about to use your third, fourth, fifth round pick won’t snap out of whatever “funk” he might be in sooner or later? Before you cut that guy realize that the other owners in your league are more than likely watching that wire waiting for you to overreact. There are few things worse in fantasy football than losing a game at the hands of the player you cut in Week 4 who just scored on a 40-yard touchdown in garbage time on Monday night. That stings. You don’t want to be that guy.

So if your guy is mucking it up, I would recommend benching him before cutting him outright. Remember, the competition can’t use Jordy Nelson to beat you if he’s sitting on your bench after having a few bad weeks. Remember the potential ceilings on these guys. If you have to cut someone to make room for someone else, I get that, but cut your later round pick, not the guy in a slump that you got in round four or five.

As always, I welcome your comments. If you think I’m wrong, I’m willing to listen. Just back it up with some facts and solid evidence. Thanks for reading and good luck this season.

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