Don't Be Caught in the Hype of Starting Joseph Randle

By Tristen Challe
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have lost their starting running back in DeMarco Murray for an undetermined amount of time. The stellar back went down with an injury Sunday and it has since been classified as a sprained left MCL.

Who will fill the shoes of Murray during the game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 7? Well that would be Joseph Randle, who many are advising fantasy football owners to pick up off the waiver wire, but don’t be so quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Murray had started every game for the Cowboys this year amassing 428 yards on the ground and three touchdowns. These aren’t horrible numbers for a starting running back, but if that’s all the starter is able to gain on the ground, the third string Randle will surely have a much tougher time.

The Cowboys are a pass-happy team with Tony Romo as he’s attempted 218 passes already this season. The game plan won’t change much in the coming weeks for the Cowboys, and if it does at all, it could be to pass more. With multiple injuries on the defensive side of the ball, the Cowboys could be forced to pass the ball more often as they could find themselves trailing often.

Now officially starting in Week 7, Randle was only able to gain 17 yards on 11 carries last week after filling in for Murray. Not promising numbers at all for a running back. Randle is a tall, skinny, upright runner with less than stellar speed, and there’s a reason he lost the backup job in training camp to Lance Dunbar. Let’s not forget to mention that back in his college days, Randle was an avid fumbler due to his running style and lack of sheer ball security.

If you’re really looking for a fill-in running back, I would suppose Randle is your best option due to a most likely thin waiver wire, but it’s doubtful he’s your best play. The only teams on bye in Week 7 are the New Orleans Saints and the Oakland Raiders, and neither team has a fantasy stud running back that you would be forced to bench.

Randle may be one of the best go to options to grab off the waiver wire, but I’m not all-in on starting him over other options this week like Willis McGahee or Brandon Jacobs. Randle could be played as your flex position player, but there are multiple other options that are more dependable in Week 7 to play over him.

Tristen Challe is a Fantasy Writer for Rantsports. Follow him on Twitter @TristenChalle or on Google

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