New York Mets to Give Ike Davis another Chance; Should be his Last

By David Miller
Ike Davis
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Early this season it seemed obvious that the New York Mets would be getting a lot of contributions from John Buck and Ike Davis to assist David Wright. If both had shown up the way it seemed like they would, the Mets might be challenging for the division lead instead of resting in fourth place, comfortably out of the race. It got so bad that Davis was sent down to the minor leagues to work on his swing. So how did that go? Eh, it’s hard to say.

Davis had a better time of it in the minor leagues but of course that was the minor leagues. The Mets play big boy baseball in the major leagues. What is good enough down there isn’t always good enough to hang with the Mets? Nonetheless the Mets reportedly are going to call Davis up and give him another shot. He should get one more chance and I mean only one more. If it doesn’t work out this time he should just try a chance of scenery and see how that fits him.

Chances are if the doesn’t really light things on fire for the rest of the season he will be a non-tenure prospect during the off-season where who knows what will happen to him. It is possible that he will regain the form that led him to have such promising potential going into the 2013 season. I believe it is unlikely that he will play good enough to rid the Mets of any fears that his terrible season could happen again next season though. I guess we’ll just wait and see what he does.

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