Justin Maxwell is Tearing up His New Role with Kansas City Royals

By David Miller
Justin Maxwell
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

When Justin Maxwell was traded from the Houston Astros to the Kansas City Royals, it was spoken about in terms that made you think the trade was okay but not a great one for the Royals. It might not have been the greatest get ever at the trade deadline but Maxwell is proving already that he might have more in the tank than most experts thought he did. So far he is tearing up his new role and seems to really like the new colors.

He tugged at his jersey on Saturday afternoon as he crossed the plate. Who could blame him after having hit a homer to put the Royals up by a run in the 14th inning? That isn’t the only good thing that he has done in the short time since arriving to play with the Royals. He is 3 for 5 with 2 runs scored, 2 RBI, 1 big homer and 1 walk. His average has gone up 11 points in just the three games since he arrived.

In all likelihood he is going to platoon out there in the outfield but the role he can play off of the bench and playing a few times a week is going to be more substantial than others may have thought. It is possible that there could be more to Maxwell than we have seen thus far in his time with the Astros. Whether or not the Royals are able to capture the division title or a wildcard spot, Maxwell will remain a good acquisition for some time to come. It was a really good move that could get better with time.

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