Case Keenum Scouting Report

Biography Case Keenum Quarterback Houston #7 Senior Redshirt


Arm Strength: Keenum has the arm to make the necessary throws.

Intangibles: Keenum displays very impressive intangibles at the quarterback position.  Keenum displays great, but not elite intangibles.  Keenum has the accuracy and has proven he can be a winner.

Pinpoint Accuracy: Keenum can deliver pinpoint accuracy on short, medium, and deep passes.  Keenum has completed 73.2 percent of his passes in 2011.

1 Step Drop: Case Keenum can execute a 1 step drop.

Can Make Progressions on 1 Step Drops: Keenum can make the proper throws on one step drops.

3 Step Drop: Keenum can make the proper throws on a 3 step drop.

Can Make Progressions on 3 Step Drops: Keenum can make the proper progressions on the 3 step drop.

Production: Case Keenum has mind boggling production for a quarterback.  Keenum is the all time leader in NCAA Passing Yards and all time passing touchdowns.  Keenum has over 18,000 career passing yards and 150 passing touchdowns.

Case Keenum has thrown 4,726 passing yards, 42 touchdowns, and 3 interceptions in 2011.  Keenum has thrown only 3 picks all year.

Only two teams have managed to record interceptions on Case Keenum.  Those teams are Louisiana Tech and Rice.

Louisiana Tech picked off Keenum twice in Houston’s 35 to 34 landslide win over Louisiana Tech at Louisiana Tech.  Keenum threw 1 interception against Rice, but that barely gets noticed because he also threw 9 passing touchdowns against the Rice Owls.  Keenum has averaged over 10 yards per pass in 2011.


Durability: Keenum has some durability questions.  Keenum suffered a season ending injury against UCLA last season after Akeem Ayers picked him off.

Size: Keenum is undersized at 6 foot 2 210 pounds.

Learning Rate: Case Keenum is now in his 6th year at Houston.  Its taken Keenum 6 years to avoid throwing double digit interceptions at Houston.  Keenum threw 5 picks in 2010 through 3 games.

Football IQ: I need to see better decision making from a quarterback that plays in a shotgun no huddle spread offense.

Awareness: Case Keenum needs to show more consistency when it comes to field vision.

Quick Release: Keenum needs to get rid of the ball quicker.

Mechanics: Keenum’s mechanics need major improvement in terms of proper throwing motion.

Plays in a Shotgun Spread Offense: Keenum plays in a shotgun spread offense.  He has not translated his skill set to a pro style offense yet.

Potential: Case Keenum has the potential to be a 3rd stringer at the best case scenario.

My thoughts on Case Keenum

Keenum has proven he is a winner in 2011.  Despite his winning ways there are a lot of flaws.  Knowing how ESPN builds up the hype of one college player at quarterback you get the feeling Keenum will be that player in 2012.  ESPN built up this hype with Colt McCoy in 2010 and Andy Dalton in 2011.  Keenum will probably receive similar treatment and that could push him up draft boards.