Alfonzo Dennard Scouting Report

Biography Alfonzo Dennard Cornerback Nebraska #15 Senior


Physical Ability: Dennard has the physical skill set at cornerback.

Durable: Dennard is a tough player even though he does suffer a minor injury from time to time.

Size: Dennard has decent cornerback size at 5 foot 10 205 pounds that some teams look for when evaluating cornerbacks.

Learning Rate: Dennard learns new coverage schemes right away.

Football IQ: Dennard has an outstanding football knowledge for a cornerback prospect.

Awareness: Dennard has a keen vision for recognizing where the quarterback is going to throw the football.

Intangibles: Dennard displays outstanding intangibles for a cornerback.

Man Coverage: Dennard can be an outstanding man coverage corner.

Press Coverage: Dennard has outstanding press coverage ability.

Knows the Cover 1 Shell: Dennard can play in a cover 1 shell that uses man coverage.

Knows the Cover 2 Shell: Dennard is best used in cover 2 shells or in a Tampa 2 defense lining up in a man coverage scheme.

Knows the Cover 6 Shell: Dennard knows the cover 6 shell.  He has to be used as a boundary corner covering a #2 receiver or he will get torched on the play.

Can be Used as a Field Cornerback: Dennard has lined up as a field cornerback against #1 receivers.

Can be Used as a Boundary Cornerback: Dennard is better suited playing a boundary role.

Hard Hitter: Dennard is a hard hitting cornerback.

Doesn’t Miss Tackles: Dennard rarely misses a tackle when executing his assignment.

Bump and Run Corner: Dennard is a typical bump and run corner.

Hands: Dennard has the hands to play cornerback.

Patient: Dennard is very patient when playing cornerback.  He never tries to rush a play.

Work Ethic: Dennard like former teammate Prince Amukamara has an outstanding work ethic at cornerback.

Production: Dennard has the production that you look for in a cornerback.

Potential: Dennard has the potential to have a pro bowl type of impact down the line.


Zone Coverage: Alfonzo Dennard struggles in zone coverage.  Dennard excels when playing man and press.  He struggles with zone coverage though.  That’s his worst coverage attribute between man, zone, and press.

Cover 3 Shell: Dennard will struggle playing a cover 3 shell because of his zone coverage ability.

Cover 4 Shell: A cover 4 coverage shell requires everyone on secondary to play zone.  Dennard isn’t effective in cover 3 or cover 4 shells which forces you to modify your teams playbook to meet Dennard’s needs.

Speed: I would like to see more speed out of Dennard moving forward.

Agility: Not as agile as Prince Amukamara in terms of footwork when dropping back into coverage coming out of Nebraska.

Jumping: Dennard is not the best jumper when it comes to leaping in the air to make a big play.  I need to see Dennard make more big plays more often.

Cannot be Used as a Top Flight Cover Corner: Dennard has really bad zone coverage ability which limits his ability as a cornerback to a certain extent.

Cannot be Used as a Top Flight Ballhawk Corner: Dennard has the hands of a corner who can swat passes by breaking them up.  He lacks the ballhawk skills to be an interception machine.

My thoughts on Alfonzo Dennard

Dennard is not a boom or bust prospect.  Dennard does struggle in zone coverage plus there are a lot of flaws in his game that make him a one dimensional man coverage cornerback who presses receivers well.

Those attributes limit his ability to a significant degree.  Dennard could play a field cornerback role in a cover 2 or cover 1 defense.  He is best used as a boundary corner covering opponents secondary receivers.