2012 NFL Mock Draft 7 Rounds 1.0

Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck appears to be a stone cold lock to go #1 overall to the Indianapolis Colts.  Anything else would be a complete shocker.

I will be doing 5 different 7 Round mocks 1.0 this mock draft, 2.0 after the Senior Bowl, 3.0 after the 2012 NFL Combine, 4.0 in early April after the Pro Days, and 5.0 in mid April.  After that I will do one 70 page slideshow featuring slideshows of the first two rounds of draft picks with rounds 3-7 featuring one noteable player from each round in each slide for rounds 3 through 7 leading up to the week of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Feel free to interact with me on the picks.  All I request is that you put good reasoning behind whether you like or dislike the picks rather than loving or hating one pick completely with short words like nice pick/horrible pick in the comments page.  Since this is my first 7 round mock for 2012 I’m really going to want feedback on 5 picks you really like or 5 picks you really dislike.

This is the first 7 round mock with all of the underclassmen decisions.  Feel free to email me at if you believe I missed anyone significant in this 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

Round 1

1. Indianapolis Colts 2-14 Andrew Luck Quarterback Stanford Junior Redshirt Andrew Luck is the top prospect in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Luck is considered the clear cut prospect with a commanding lead on NFL draft boards.  He’s practically sold the Colts at this point.

Draftniks have been saying that Luck would go #1 overall since October of 2010 when he leapfrogged Jake Locker on 2011 NFL Draft boards before shocking the nation by returning to Stanford.

Luck returned to school and has maintained his consistency in 2011.  Back to back seasons with a 70 percent completion rate despite a coaching change at head coach.  Jim Harbaugh left Stanford as Stanford’s Head Coach before becoming the San Francisco 49ers head coach.  Luck plays  in a pro style offense and he calls his own plays.  I’ve done 4 scouting reports on Luck and media outlets will build so much more hype around Luck leading up to April’s NFL Draft to the point where you will believe that Luck may bust if you have never seen him play.

The Andrew Luck hype may be on a Tim Tebow level.  The hype about Luck is real though, Andrew Luck is a can’t miss quarterback prospect.  I like Tebow, but the hype Tebow gets sometimes is beyond excessive.  Andrew Luck is money with his short and medium passes like Tom Brady.  He can also scramble like John Elway.  Luck is your ideal West Coast Quarterback with Elway’s scrambling and Peyton Manning’s awareness to call his own plays by using audibles while being money with short and medium passes like Tom Brady.

What else do you want me to say about Andrew Luck?  Even I’m starting to realize how repetitive the Andrew Luck hype sounds.

2. St. Louis Rams 2-14 Matt Kalil Left Tackle USC Junior Redshirt USC Left Tackle Matt Kalil is the clear cut best player available after Andrew Luck.  Kalil can play left tackle, Saffold can play right tackle, and Jason Smith can move to left guard.

There are some smokescreens that Justin Blackmon could be the pick or that the Rams may deal this pick to a team wanting to move up for Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.  If Kalil was gone, I might be buying this.  I am not ready to buy into this yet.

Some believe Matt Kalil is the best pass protector since Wisconsin left tackle Joe Thomas.  I will not go that far.  Kalil has the tools to play anywhere on the offensive line while possessing excellent pass protection skills.

3. Minnesota Vikings 3-13 Morris Claiborne Cornerback LSU Junior The Vikings may trade this pick to the Washington Redskins or the Miami Dolphins.  Both teams may feel a temptation to move up for Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

If the Vikings keep this pick I think they go cornerback.  Morris Claiborne has the tools to be a complete cornerback.  As a true sophomore, his coverage gave Cam Newton fits.  That may have been because Claiborne played next to 2011 top 5 pick Patrick Peterson at cornerback for LSU.  The LSU junior guided LSU to a 13-0 regular season record.

Antoine Winfield used to be a dominant man coverage field cornerback 5 years ago.  Winfield is better suited to move to a boundary corner role facing #2 wide receivers with all his injuries.

Minnesota may fail to address their offensive needs in round 1.  Adding Claiborne guarantees they solidify their pass defense.  The Vikings have the pass rushers and run stuffers.  By adding Claiborne the Vikings could have the pass defense giving the Minnesota Vikings one of the NFL’s most formidable defenses.

Another option is Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon.  Blackmon is a two time Billetnikoff Award Winner for the nations best wide receiver.

I went with Claiborne because I think he can be a complete cover corner.  Blackmon is a high end #2 receiver or a low end #1 receiver like Anquan Boldin, Torry Holt, Randy Moss, or Terrell Owens.

Owens was a high end #2 receiver early in his career when he played next to Jerry Rice.  That was when Owens had his best years.  Moss was a #2 target to Cris Carter during his first 3 seasons with the Vikings.  I see Blackmon as a high end #2 target with low end #1 ability.

LSU allowed 7 passing touchdowns with their pass defense.  Only Alabama allowed fewer passing touchdowns than LSU in 2011.

Cornerbacks are harder to find than wide receivers.  That’s another key reason why I take Claiborne here if I am the Vikings.

4. Cleveland Browns 4-12 Robert Griffin III Quarterback Baylor Junior Redshirt Back in June when I made my first 2012 mock draft, I penciled Robert Griffin III to the Oakland Raiders 8th overall.  Back in June I had Griffin going behind Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley while mocking RGIII ahead of Oklahoma’s Landry Jones.

Griffin III won the Heisman for the nations best college football player.  Griffin III had 4,293 passing yards, 37 passing touchdowns, 6 interceptions, while completing 72.4 percent of his passes while throwing 10.68 yards per attempt.  Previous Heisman winning quarterbacks include Cam Newton, Sam Bradford, and Tim Tebow.  Heisman winners have flopped in the past.  That trend may be starting to change with the success of recent Heisman winners.

Baylor won 67 to 56 in their Alamo Bowl win over the Washington Huskies.  Griffin III has Michael Vick’s scrambling out of the pocket and Brees accuracy.  Matt Barkley’s decision to return to USC for his senior season also propelled Robert Griffin III up

Some even believe Griffin could be better than Andrew Luck.  Robert Griffin has accomplished so much in Baylor with his 2011 campaign that some actually believe there is a Peyton Manning/Ryan Leaf debate with Luck and Griffin with each quarterback going 1 and 2 overall.  This hypothesis seems downright silly at this point.  You never know what could happen though.

Luck has potential to get into Canton and Griffin has potential to be a perennial pro bowler.  I would take Luck or Griffin over anyone in the class of 2011 at quarterback.

Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon may be an option for the Browns if another team moves up for Robert Griffin III.  I got Griffin graded out as my top prospect after Luck and Kalil.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 Justin Blackmon Wide Receiver Oklahoma State Junior Redshirt Justin Blackmon is a 6 foot 1 208 pound wide receiver.  Blackmon may not have the physical tools.  When it comes to Blackmon’s mental attributes he has the complete package speed, route running, and soft hands.

Blackmon is a very productive wide receiver.  2 time Billetnikoff Award winner for College Football’s best wide receiver in 2010 and 2011.  Blackmon could have gone pro last year as a sophomore redshirt.  Blackmon opted to return to school though.

Blackmon had 111 receptions for 1,782 receiving yards, and 20 receiving touchdowns in 2010.  Blackmon had 121 receptions, 1,522 receiving yards, and 18 receiving touchdowns in 2011.

Blackmon is going to be a top 5 pick.  Blackmon’s mind boggling production creates a devils advocate scenario where you feel a temptation to select Blackmon anywhere between 2nd overall and 5th overall if your team needs a wide receiver.

Some plays I see flashes of Anquan Boldin and other plays I see flashes of Braylon Edwards.  Blackmon has dropped passes at times.  Drafting Blackmon will be a lost cause if he drops tons of passes in the NFL.

Tampa Bay’s scouting department loves selecting players in the Midwest to South region.  Aqib Talib Cornerback Kansas, Josh Freeman Quarterback Kansas State, Gerald McCoy Defensive Tackle Oklahoma, and Adrian Clayborn defensive end Iowa.

Justin Blackmon may not work out.  At this point, I really believe he’s the only player who can revive Josh Freeman’s career after Freeman had such a bad 2011 campaign.

6. Washington Redskins 5-11 Luke Kuechly 3-4 Middle Linebacker Boston College Junior Luke Kuechly is graded out as my 7th best prospect.  Kuechly was second in the nation with 158 total tackles as a true freshman in 2009.  Kuechly would lead the nation with 183 total tackles during the 2010 season as a true sophomore.  Kuechly had 191 total tackles in 2011 as a junior this season leading the nation in tackles once again.

The Washington Redskins have two 3-4 middle linebackers with expiring contracts.  London Fletcher and Rocky McKintosh both have expiring deals.  Fletcher is 37 years old.  McKintosh is much better suited for a 4-3 scheme as an outside linebacker.

A 3-4 linebacking core featuring Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan, and Luke Kuechly would present a great line of defense with linebackers who can decipher a signal callers every move.  A 3-4 linebacking core featuring Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan, and Luke Kuechly would present major problems for the rest of the NFC East as the Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys would have to game plan against the Redskins linebackers for the next decade.

Mike Mayock of NFL Network is NFL Network’s most accurate draft analyst of any that NFL Network has.  Mayock went to College at Boston College.  Mayock built up hype about Clay Matthews and Von Miller in years past.  Mayock will rave about Kuechly.

Kuechly won the 2011 Butkus Award winner.  Lets look at the last three Butkus Award Winners.  2008 Butkus Award winner Aaron Curry went 4th overall in 2009 to the Seattle Seahawks.  2009 Butkus Award Winner Rolando McClain went 8th overall to the Oakland Raiders in 2010.  2010 Butkus Award Winner Von Miller went 2nd overall to the Denver Broncos.  Now Kuechly has won the 2011 Butkus Award for the nations top linebacker.

Ask yourself what do all of these Butkus Award winners have in common?  All of the Butkus Award winners went in the top 8 overall.  The Redskins have to take Kuechly with this pick.  Kuechly to Washington just makes way too much sense.


7. Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11 Quinton Coples Right End North Carolina Senior Quinton Coples reminds me of Julius Peppers with the ability to play in a 4-3 or a 3-4 defense.

Coples is best used as a 4-3 right end.  Coples can also play 4-3 left end, 4-3 defensive tackle, 3-4 defensive end, or 3-4 outside linebacker.  Coples is one of the most complete seniors in this draft.

Coples is my favorite player in this draft after Luck and Kalil in terms of long term talent.  Coples is more likely to be a top 10 pick than a top 5 pick.  With Blackmon gone, the Jaguars have to use this pick on Coples.

8. Miami Dolphins 6-10 Jonathan Martin Right Tackle Stanford Junior Redshirt Miami will have their pick between Stanford’s Jonathan Martin and Iowa’s Riley Reiff.  Martin can pass block and run block plus he has the size.  Reiff is better in pass protection than Martin plus he has versatility to play left tackle, right tackle, or left guard.

Miami has to take Martin or Reiff as a bookend offensive tackle to Miami left tackle Jake Long.  Martin has more size and I think that is what Miami is looking for when revamping their offensive line.  Martin and Reiff are 2A and 2B.  Martin was ahead of Reiff in my previous mocks I made.  Reiff has closed in on Martin.  I still think Martin has a slight edge over Reiff at this point.  I see Miami going with Jonathan “Moose” Martin at the end of the day with the 8th overall selection.

I did scouting write ups on both Martin and Reiff.  It was close, but I gave Martin the edge over Riley Reiff.

9. Carolina Panthers 6-10 Dre Kirkpatrick Cornerback Alabama Junior Carolina has hinted that they may want to add a cornerback.  Dre Kirkpatrick could be a field cornerback as a #1 corner.  I think Kirkpatrick would have success against Marques Colston, Roddy White, and Mike Williams as the field cornerback because those receivers do not have the size.  These receivers do have game breaking speed that Kirkpatrick will have to adjust to.  Kirkpatrick may struggle at first.  He would adapt over time becoming the Panthers #1 cornerback on their depth chart.  I think Carolina is the best fit for any team looking at Kirkpatrick with a top 10 pick.

Dre Kirkpatrick was on a very talented Alabama secondary.  Kirkpatrick was the field cornerback for the #1 pass defense in the country.  Alabama’s pass defense only allowed 111.46 yards per game and 6 passing touchdowns all season.

10. Buffalo Bills 6-10 Nick Perry 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker USC Junior Redshirt Buffalo’s biggest need is finding a pass rusher.  Nick Perry showed he can be an effective run stuffer.  Perry also registered 9.5 sacks.  Perry is a 4-3 right end/3-4 right outside linebacker who can give left tackles fits.  Perry can be effective if he avoids injuries while staying healthy.  Buffalo seems like they will reach for a pass rusher.  I’ll mock Nick Perry to the Buffalo Bills here.

11. Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 Trent Richardson Running Back Alabama Junior Jamaal Charles missed all year with an injury and Thomas Jones has an expiring deal.  Trent Richardson is arguably one of the 10 best players in the draft.  The Chiefs passed on Bryan Bulaga in 2010 to take Eric Berry 5th overall.  The Chiefs would pass on Riley Reiff for Trent Richardson.  This is the exact same scenario the Chiefs were dealt two years ago.

Trent Richardson split carries with 2011 first round pick Mark Ingram.  Richardson had 100+ carries and 700 rushing yards in 2 seasons when splitting carries with Richardson.

Trent Richardson had 283 carries, 1,679 rushing yards, and 21 rushing touchdowns.  Richardson has the skill set to be a complete rusher.  Kansas City loves to run the football so this is a perfect fit for Richardson.

12. Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Brandon Thompson Defensive Tackle Clemson Senior Brandon Thompson can play 4-3 defensive tackle or 3-4 defensive end.  The Seahawks need a run stuffing presence at defensive tackle.  Thompson may provide good value.

I already did a scouting report on Brandon Thompson.  Thompson has convinced me he deserves to go in the first round.  LSU sophomore redshirt defensive tackle Michael Brockers has a chance to surpass Brandon Thompson with a dominant NFL Combine.

I got a defensive tackle going here because defensive tackles usually go in the top half of the NFL Draft.

13. Arizona Cardinals 8-8 Riley Reiff Left Tackle Iowa Junior Redshirt The Arizona Cardinals need to draft a left tackle and move Levi Brown to right tackle.  Arizona can accomplish this by selecting Riley Reiff 13th overall.  Levi Brown played well enough down the stretch to warrant a spot at right tackle.  An upgrade at left tackle is

14. Dallas Cowboys 8-8 David DeCastro Right Guard Stanford Junior Redshirt Dallas has Doug Free and Tyron Smith at offensive tackle.  Kyle Kosier is signed to deal until 2014.  Kosier will remain at left guard.  DeCastro is the most complete right guard I have seen since Giants right guard Chris Snee.

The Cowboys never found a replacement after releasing right guard Leonard Davis.  The Cowboys need to take DeCastro here if he slips to the Cowboys with this pick by some miracle.

15. Philadelphia Eagles 8-8 Alshon Jeffery Wide Receiver South Carolina Junior The Eagles will likely part ways with DeSean Jackson.  2009 first round pick Jeremy Maclin will become the flanker.  A secondary target to throw to will be needed in Philadelphia.

AJ Green had Andre Johnson’s size and Calvin Johnson’s talent.  Alshon Jeffery has Calvin Johnson’s size and Andre Johnson’s long term potential.  There are questions about whether Jeffery can reach that huge potential.

Jeffery is a 6 foot 4 229 pound wide receiver from South Carolina. Jeffery had 49 receptions, 762 receiving yards, and 8 receiving touchdowns.  Jeffery dominated his bowl game against Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard.

Jeffery is 6 foot 4 229 pounds.  An impressive combine may push Jeffery into the top 10 overall like Julio Jones last year.

16. New York Jets 8-8 Courtney Upshaw 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Alabama Senior The New York Jets really like Alabama pass rusher Courtney Upshaw.  Upshaw can pass rush, run stuff, and cover.  Upshaw can play anywhere at linebacker in a 3-4 defense which is what makes him so unpredictable.  Why do I get the feeling that Upshaw is exactly the type of pass rusher that Rex Ryan covets?

17. Cincinnati Bengals from Oakland Raiders 8-8 Janoris Jenkins Cornerback Northern Alabama Senior Janoris Jenkins was a boundary cornerback at Florida across from Joe Haden.  In 2010, Janoris Jenkins became the field cornerback at Florida after Haden went pro becoming the Gators #1 cornerback

Jenkins managed to keep AJ Green, Julio Jones, and Alshon Jeffery in check.  Jenkins got kicked off of Florida and transferred to Northern Alabama.  Jenkins got ejected from a Northern Alabama game for punching another player which cost Northern Alabama a critical win in an overtime loss.

The Bengals ignore character issues and Jenkins has top 20 talent assuming he stays out of trouble.  The Bengals lost field cornerback Jonathan Joseph.  Leon Hall can be a field cornerback.  The Bengals need a boundary cornerback to compliment Hall.

Nate Clements can play the boundary.  Clements is expendable.  Janrois Jenkins would provide an upgrade over Nate Clements assuming the Bengals take that route.

18. San Diego Chargers 8-8 Andre Branch 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Clemson Senior Redshirt Andre Branch can play in a 4-3 or a 3-4 scheme.  Branch can be used as a 4-3 right end or a 3-4 right outside linebacker.

The Chargers need a 3-4 right outside linebacker who can make left tackles respect the pass rush.  Branch is 6 foot 5 270 pounds.  Branch can lose 10 pounds, weigh in at 260, and adjust to a 3-4 scheme with ease.

Branch took double teams at right end in 2010 which led to DaQuan Bowers going on a sacking spree.  Branch registered 10.5 sacks in 2011 when Bowers left the team.

I think the Chargers take Andre Branch and surprise some people by passing on Illinois pass rusher Whitney Mercilus.

19. Chicago Bears 8-8 Michael Floyd Wide Receiver Notre Dame Senior Michael Floyd will not play in the Senior Bowl.  Baylor wide receiver Kendall Wright will play in the senior bowl.  I may move Wright up to my #3 wide receiver if Wright really impresses me during next weeks Senior Bowl.

Chicago seems intent on taking a wide receiver in round 1.  I really believe the Bears are going to put a huge emphasis on taking Chicago’s offense to the next level by adding more pieces around Jay Cutler.

I scouted Michael Floyd extensively.  Floyd has ability to develop into a pro bowler.  He also has a lot of off the field concerns that need to be addressed plus some people are still skeptical about Floyd’s durability issues.

Michael Floyd recorded 100 receptions, 1,147 receiving touchdowns, and 9 receiving touchdowns in 2011.  Floyd is a borderline top 20 pick at this point.  Floyd has a lot of concerns.  I really believe that Floyd could end up being the Randy Moss of the 2012 draft if he can address these concerns.

Justin Blackmon is the clear cut #1 receiver to get drafted, I believe Alshon Jeffery or Michael Floyd could end up having the better long term career if either receiver puts everything together.

20. Tennessee Titans 9-7 Melvin Ingram Right End South Carolina Senior Redshirt Melvin Ingram can play anywhere at defensive end, defensive tackle, or 3-4 defensive end for an NFL team.  Ingram registered 9.5 sacks at South Carolina in 2011.  The Titans top pass rusher registered just 5 sacks at defensive tackle.  Ingram can pass rush and stop the run.  Adding a presence like Ingram is priority #1 for the Tennessee Titans.

21. Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 Whitney Mercilus Right End Illinois Junior Redshirt Whitney Mercilus is a run stuffer.  Mercilus led the nation in sacks.  Mercilus is considered a one year wonder by some which is why he is 21st in this mock.

Mercilus can be a 4-3 defensive end or a 3-4 outside linebacker with his size.  Mercilus, a 6 foot 4 265 pound pass rusher recorded 13.5 sacks in 2011 which was best in the nation.

22. Cleveland Browns from Atlanta Falcons 10-6 Kendall Wright Wide Receiver Baylor Senior Kendall Wright was Robert Griffin III’s favorite target at Baylor.  Some people like Wright better than Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon.  Wright really has a chance to move up draft boards with a dominant Senior Bowl and an NFL Combine.

Teams usually use their 2nd round picks to build around rookie quarterbacks.  Since the Browns have 2 first round picks, they can use this pick to build around Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.  Colt McCoy could still be an effective backup behind Griffin.  Colt McCoy is not a starter in my eyes.

Kendall Wright had 108 receptions, 1,663 receiving yards, and 14 receiving touchdowns in 2011.  Wright was one of Robert Griffin III’s favorite targets to throw to.  Kendall Wright is only 5 foot 10 190 pounds.  Wright’s production at Baylor makes him an intriguing first round prospect.  Greg Little showed some promise as a #2 target for the Cleveland Browns.

Robert Griffin III could succeed in Cleveland with Wright as his primary flanker target and Little lining up as a secondary target.  Cleveland has Joe Thomas, Jason Pinkston, Alex Mack, and Shaun Lauvao on their offensive line.  The only glaring hole on the Browns offensive line rests at right tackle.

23. Detroit Lions 10-6 Peter Konz Center Wisconsin Junior Redshirt Dominic Raiola needs to go.  The 33 year old center is expendable for the Detroit Lions at this point.  Konz is probably the best available player on Detroit’s draft board at this point.  Peter Konz really proved himself at Wisconsin this season having big games against some of the nations best defensive tackle.

There was one point where Konz was considered to go in the top half of the draft.  Konz got injured near the end of the season.  Konz should still be a first round pick though.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 Vontaze Burfict 3-4 Middle Linebacker Arizona State Junior Vontaze Burfict may be the most complete linebacker in this draft when it comes to sacking, run stuffing, and covering at the linebacker position.  The biggest concern with the 6 foot 3 250 pound 3-4 middle linebacker is Burfict’s anger.

Burfict either plays not aggressive enough or he plays too aggressive.  Burfict does have a history of getting flagged a lot.  Burfict was going to work on that this year.

Burfict would have been a top 10 pick if everything checked out.  Burfict got benched in Arizona State’s final game against California.  Burfict also got called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in Arizona State’s Las Vegas Bowl loss to Boise State.

Vontaze Burfict going to Pittsburgh is a great fit.  The Steelers veterans on defense and Dick LeBeau can help Burfict work on his anger.  James Farrior has no plans on retiring this offseason.  Drafting a highly touted player like Burfict, sitting him out for a year, and then putting him in the Steelers starting lineup in 2013 could really help long term.

Lets not forget that Lawrence Timmons and LaMaar Woodley sat out their rookie years.  Pittsburgh is one place I believe Burfict could thrive.

25. Denver Broncos 8-8 Michael Brockers Defensive Tackle LSU Sophomore Redshirt Michael Brockers is solely a 4-3 defensive tackle.  Brockers can be a left defensive tackle or a right defensive tackle in a 4-3 scheme.

Adding Brockers to Denver’s 4-3 defense really helps out because this team needs an immediate starter next to defensive tackle Broderick Bunkley.  Denver has great outside linebackers and defensive ends.  Adding more starters to the inside has to be priority #1.

Issac Redman ran wild on Denver’s run defense.  Denver needs a second defensive tackle and an upgrade at middle linebacker for their 4-3 defense.  Denver’s lack of defenders who can stop runs to the inside really hurt the Denver Broncos.

Brockers can command double teams and really allow Broderick Bunkley to blossom into the highly touted defensive tackle that he was coming out of Florida State.

26. Houston Texans 10-6 Dont’a Hightower 3-4 Middle Linebacker Alabama Junior Redshirt Their are only 3 first round talents left on my draft board.  Dont’a Hightower a 3-4 middle linebacker, Fletcher Cox a 4-3 defensive tackle, and Dwayne Allen a Clemson tight end.  The Texans run a 4-3 so that eliminates Fletcher Cox by process of elimination.

Take your pick between Dont’a Hightower and Dwayne Allen Texans fans.  I got Hightower going to the Texans here.

27. New England Patriots from New Orleans Saints 13-3 Fletcher Cox Defensive Tackle Mississippi State Junior Fletcher Cox can be a 4-3 defensive tackle.  Cox would start across from Vince Wilfork in the Patriots 4-3 defense.

28. Green Bay Packers 15-1 Dwayne Allen Tight End Clemson Junior Redshirt Jermichael Finley has an expiring deal for the Green Bay Packers.  A new tight end will need to be brought into Green Bay if Finley does not get a contract extension.

Dwayne Allen has been the complete package as Clemson’s tight end.  Allen is the only tight end from the 2012 draft class that deserves first round consideration at this point.

Even if Finley gets retained Green Bay may want a 2nd tight end to play next to Finley.  Their were 2 tight ends who went to ACC schools who went in the first round dating back to 2005.  Those tight ends were former Maryland tight end Vernon Davis and former Virginia tight end Heath Miller.  Both tight ends are still with the teams that drafted them.

29. New York Giants 9-7 Mike Adams Right Tackle Ohio State Senior David Diehl and Kareem McKenzie were great offensive tackles when Eli Manning won his first Super Bowl.  Both offensive tackles regressed significantly prior to the 2012 NFL Playoffs.  Now both offensive tackles are emerging once again with the Giants postseason run.

William Beatty was starting for the Giants at left tackle before he got placed on injured reserve.  David Diehl moved from left guard back to left tackle after Beatty’s injury.  Diehl struggled at left guard and is now having some success at left tackle.

David Diehl and Kareem McKenzie may both leave after this year.  The Giants drafted 2011 4th round pick James Brewer and 2010 late round pick Mitch Petrus as players of the future.

Everyone except for William Beatty is in their 30′s on the Giants offensive line.  Beatty has established himself as a great starter at left tackle.  Now is the perfect time to find Beatty a bookend run blocker.

That bookend run blocker could be Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams.  Adams was suspended for Ohio State’s first 5 games because of the Jim Tressel scandal with recruiting violations.

Adams was a 6 foot 8 307 pound left tackle heading into the season.  Adams bulked up to 320 pounds really excelling from a run blocking aspect despite regressing in pass protection.

I really have a hard time believing only 3 offensive tackles go in the first round.  With no more first round prospects available, I got the Giants filling a need at right tackle by reaching for an offensive tackle like Mike Adams here.

30. Baltimore Ravens 12-4 Jerry Franklin 3-4 Middle Linebacker Arkansas Senior Redshirt Baltimore Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome hinted that he wants to groom a successor for Ray Lewis.  Arkansas 3-4 middle linebacker Jerry Franklin may be an early reach.  There have been early day draft reaches before that confuse tons of draft experts and NFL fans.

I do believe Jerry Franklin can be groomed behind Ray Lewis as a successor in Baltimore.  Franklin may not have the size that GM’s covet at 6 foot 1 245 pounds.  Franklin does display the intangibles.  The intangibles that Franklin displays are going completely under the radar.

Franklin had 87 total tackles as a freshman redshirt in 2008, 94 total tackles as a sophomore redshirt in 2009, 100 total tackles as a junior redshirt in 2010, and 99 total tackles in 2011 as a senior redshirt.

Franklin had 13 tackles for a loss and 6.5 sacks in 2010.  Franklin can be used as a pass rusher in addition to lining up as a 3-4 inside linebacker.  Franklin is best suited on the inside as a 3-4 middle linebacker in a 3-4 defensive scheme.

31. San Francisco 49ers 13-3 Mohammed Sanu Wide Receiver Rutgers Junior The 49ers released Braylon Edwards prior to the NFL Playoffs.  The 49ers have to get a receiver who can play across from Michael Crabtree.

Rutgers wide receiver Mohammed Sanu is a 2nd round talent that may get pushed up into the late first round.  Sanu is a 6 foot 2 215 pound wide receiver from Rutgers.

Mohammed Sanu had 115 receptions, 1,206 receiving yards, and 7 receiving touchdowns.  The 49ers should strongly consider taking Mohammed Sanu here.

32. New England Patriots 13-3 Mark Barron Strong Safety Alabama Senior There is only one safety worth taking in the first two rounds.  That safety is 2nd Alabama safety Mark Barron who has the versatility to play strong safety or free safety.  Barron looks like a 2nd round talent on paper.  Barron is so far ahead of the other safeties in this draft, that a team may reach for Barron in the late first round hoping to solidify holes at the safety position.

New England has needed a new safety ever since they released Brandon Meriweather.  Mark Barron would be a great pick up here.

Round 2

33. St. Louis Rams 2-14 Stephon Gilmore Cornerback South Carolina Junior Stephon Gilmore went up against Alshon Jeffery in one on one battles during practice sessions at South Carolina.

Stephon Gilmore can play man coverage, zone coverage, and blitz well off of the snap.  One thing Gilmore needs to work on is his press coverage.  South Carolina allowed 14 passing touchdowns so Gilmore’s press coverage could use some tuning.

Gilmore is 6 foot 195 pounds he has good size and footwork for a cornerback.  I think Gilmore has the ability to move up with a good combine.

South Carolina had the 3rd ranked pass defense entering the Bowl games.  South Carolina finished the season 2nd in overall pass defense out of 120 teams.  The only team to rank ahead of South Carolina in pass defense this season was Alabama.

The reality is Gilmore needs to get drafted in the first round.  Gilmore may fall to the top of the second round because some NFL scouts who have watched South Carolina play haven’t been overly impressed with Gilmore.

South Carolina’s pass defense allowed 131.69 passing yards per game.  Only Alabama allowed fewer passing yards.  South Carolina allowed 1,712 passing yards per game.  Teams have only completed 50.29 percent of their passes against this South Carolina pass defense.

As a New England Patriots fan, I hope we get Gilmore with one of the two first round picks if Belicheck decides to add a cornerback in the late first round.

Fans of teams like the Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, and New England Patriots should be stoked if their team lands Gilmore in the late portion of round 1.

34. Indianapolis Colts 2-14 Nick Toon Wide Receiver Wisconsin Senior Redshirt The Colts are losing Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, and Anthony Gonzalez to expiring contracts.  Reggie Wayne is no longer the dominant flanker receiver he once was.  Wayne wants to be a quarterback’s #1 target.  Wayne is a #2 target at best now.

Nick Toon the Wisconsin receiver is the son of pro bowl receiver Al Toon who played for the New York Jets.  Nick Toon is 6 foot 3 220 pounds.  Toon never had a 1,000 receiving yard season in 4 years at Wisconsin.

Toon did manage to record 10 receiving touchdowns in 2011.  Toon also has averaged over 12 yards per reception.

Manning should start if he recovers from his injury given the Colts lack of supporting cast.  Andrew Luck may be the next Tom Brady, the problem is the Colts are losing 3 of their 4 wide receivers to free agency.

Is it really responsible to throw Luck into the fire if the Indianapolis Colts are losing this much ammunition on offense?  I realize Luck is a can’t miss talent.  Manning is due 28 million in 2012 plus your losing 3 receivers.

The Colts have hinted they will draft Andrew Luck.  Teams like to use their 2nd round picks to build around their rookie quarterbacks.  The two most important positions on offense after quarterback are left tackle and flanker receiver.

The Indianapolis Colts spent a 2011 first round pick on Anthony Costanzo to be the Colts left tackle.  The Colts have to take a flanker here by process of elimination to ensure Andrew Luck’s success in Indianapolis.

35. Minnesota Vikings 3-13 Andrew Datko Left Tackle Florida State Senior The Minnesota Vikings need to get a new left tackle.  Charlie Johnson cannot start at left tackle next season.

Andrew Datko and Zebrie Sanders were both offensive tackles for Christian Ponder at Florida State.  Datko has more potential as a left tackle.  The problem with Datko is he is injury prone.  Zebrie Sanders is more consistent, Sanders does not offer as much as Datko which is why I gave Datko a landslide edge over Zebrie Sanders.

There is chemistry between Andrew Datko and Christian Ponder as the two were teammates at Florida State.  This would be a great pick for the Minnesota Vikings here in the 2nd round.

Christian Ponder had durability issues coming out of college.  The Vikings still took Ponder 11th overall.  Why wouldn’t the Vikings take Andrew Datko 35th overall here?

36. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 Alfonzo Dennard Cornerback Nebraska Senior The Tampa Bay Buccaneers scouting department loves Alfonzo Dennard.  Dennard picked a fight with South Carolina receiver Alshon Jeffery.  Both players got kicked out of the game.

I did an extensive scouting report on Dennard.  He does well in man coverage.  Dennard struggles with zone coverage when watching the tape.  Nebraska’s pass defense lost Prince Amukamara and Dennard has anchored the Cornhuskers pass defense that ranked 18th out of 120 teams in the country.

Ronde Barber is pondering retirement and Aqib Talib may get arrested this offseason.  The Buccaneers have to add a cornerback at some point.  Tampa Bay would take Dennard if he slips this far.

37. Cleveland Browns 4-12 Chase Minnifield Cornerback Virginia Senior Redshirt Chase Minnifield is the son of Browns pro bowl cornerback Frank Minnifield.  Frank Minnifield was a shutdown cornerback on the Browns in their 1980′s teams.  Essentially, Frank Minnifield was Primetime before Deion Sanders “Primetime” arrived in the NFL.

The Browns have one of the leagues best pass defenses.  Dimitri Patterson has an expiring deal.  The Browns dime corner will likely become a free agent.

Boundary corner Sheldon Brown is effective.  Brown is also expendable to a certain extent.  2011 5th round pick Buster Skryne can develop his skills more.  Skyrne is more of a 5th round pick.

If the Cleveland Browns really want a boundary corner who can disable #2 receivers you got to go with Chase Minnifield here.  A cornerback tandem featuring Joe Haden and Chase Minnifield would give the Browns one of the NFL’s best cornerback tandems.

38. Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11 Jayron Hosley Cornerback Virginia Tech Junior The Jacksonville Jaguars are losing their field and boundary corners to free agency.  Even if Rashead Mathis gets retained a boundary corner is needed.  There are no wide receivers with 2nd round talent at this point so Jayron Hosley comes off the board here.

39. Washington Redskins 5-11 Brock Osweiler Quarterback Arizona State Junior Redshirt A vast majority believes Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill is the clear cut top quarterback prospect after Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.  This a turning point in my draft where I agree to disagree with the consensus because I scouted Tannehill by watching some of his games against Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Missouri, Baylor, Texas, and Northwestern.

Besides the Northwestern and Baylor games,Tannehill sort of struggled to maintain leads that Texas A&M had in the 2nd half.  Ryan Tannehill did not rally his team back to victories in critical situations.  I have to count that against Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill needs more experience plus he had an excellent supporting cast around him at Texas A&M with Luke Joekel and Jake Matthews at offensive tackle.  Jeff Fuller and Ryan Swope made some big plays.  Texas A&M can run the football.  Lots of fans are speculating that Tannehill is a better version of Christian Ponder.  I see Tannehill as the poor mans Ponder when I watch his tape.  Ponder had Andrew Datko and Zebrie Sanders 2 2012 day 2 picks as his offensive tackles.  Luke Joekel and Jake Matthews could both be 2013 first round picks.  I really believe their pass blocking gave Tannehill the time to make throws on some of his plays.  Tannehill has the potential to develop into a 10 year starter.  I don’t see him as a player who could develop into a pro bowler.

Foles has more long term potential than Tannehill.  Nick Foles is also a major project and I agree with the consensus that Ryan Tannehill probably is the safer bet.  When I watch Foles I see Blaine Gabbert with the ability to become a Ben Roethlisberger type of quarterback if he rides the bench for 3 years.

It would be irresponsible for the Redskins to take Nick Foles here in the 2nd because they may have to throw him into the fire ruining his development.  I may be going out on a limb here, but I think the Redskins should consider Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Brock Osweiler decided to forgo his senior season at Arizona State after Matt Barkley, Landry Jones, and Tyler Wilson all opted to return to school for their senior seasons.

Brock Osweiler has only 1 full year as a starter.  Osweiler weighs in at 6 foot 8 240 pounds.  Osweiler could weigh in at 6 foot 9 250 pounds at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine.

Scouts rave about Osweiler’s physical tools.  Osweiler has the cannon arm, durability, and size.  There appear to be questions about the mental aspects of Osweiler’s game and production because Osweiler only had one full year as a starter.

Guess who else only started one full season in college besides Osweiler?  Mark Sanchez and Cam Newton.

Sanchez helped the New York Jets to two straight AFC Championship appearances prior to this season and Cam Newton had possibly the greatest statistical season for a rookie NFL quarterback.

Lets compare Osweiler’s stats to Mark Sanchez’s and Cam Newton’s to get a better indication of his potential success in the NFL.  Sanchez was the only of these 3 quarterbacks to play in west coast pro style offense.  Newton went up against some NFL caliber defenses at the FBS level in the SEC.

Mark Sanchez had 34 passing touchdowns and 10 interceptions with 3,207 passing yards in his first full year operating a pro style offense at USC.

Cam Newton did not play in a pro style offense.  Newton had 30 passing touchdowns and 7 interceptions at Auburn while rushing for 20 rushing touchdowns despite failing to throw for 3,000 passing yards at Auburn in a gimmick no huddle offense.

Cam Newton may have operated an offense that appeared simple. Newton played well against tough defenses which is something many draft experts discounted since nearly everyone had questions about Newton heading into the season.

Brock Osweiler has one year as a starter.  Osweiler exceeds 4,000 passing yards in a shotgun spread offense.  Osweiler had 4,036 passing yards, 26 passing touchdowns, and 13 interceptions.

Carolina completely revamped their offense to Newton’s comfort this year by building the offense around Newton letting Newton use his dual threat ability.  I think you have to do the same thing with Osweiler.

Osweiler is a pocket passer playing in a spread offense who likes to utilize the deep passing game.  Brock Osweiler is capable of coming in midseason as a rookie and replacing Rex Grossman if Grossman regresses to a significant degree.

Build a vertical passing attack with Osweiler at quarterback and have the offensive line focus more on pass protection and less on zone blocking to ensure Osweiler’s success in Washington.  Washington drafted some receivers in 2011 like Leonard Hankerson, Niles Paul, and Aldrick Robinson who played in a vertical passing attack at SMU with Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

I really believe Osweiler can succeed in Washington.  He has the long term potential to rival Griffin as the 2nd best quarterback in this NFL draft once his NFL career unfolds.  Robert Griffin III brings more to the table with his dual threat ability, accuracy, field vision, and consistency which is why Griffin holds a huge edge over Osweiler at this point.  Griffin’s called some pro style plays at this point also which is another huge factor working against Osweiler.

Washington could seriously consider adding Brock Osweiler if he slips to the 2nd round.  I realize I am in the minority here by mocking Osweiler to Washington at this point.  When the NFL Combine ends, I may actually be in the majority here.

40. Carolina Panthers 6-10 Dontari Poe Defensive Tackle Memphis Junior Carolina drafted two defensive tackles in 2011.  Dontari Poe has the physical tools to be a top 15 pick.  Poe weighs in at 6 foot 5 350 pounds.  When I watched Memphis play Central Florida, Poe was fatiguing easily in that contest which is why Poe is listed here at 40th overall.

Poe has a very good chance of moving back into the first round if he blows up the 2012 NFL Combine like I expect him to.  Poe can be used as a 4-3 defensive tackle, a 3-4 nose tackle, or a 3-4 defensive end playing 5 technique on either side.

41. Buffalo Bills 6-10 Cordarro Law 3-4 Left Outside Linebacker Southern Miss Senior Redshirt Cordarro Law is a 6 foot 2 261 pound pass rusher from Southern Miss.  Law registered 11.5 tackles for a loss and 6 sacks in 2011.

Buffalo needs 2 pass rushers.  We see teams double dip on draft day by taking 2 players at the same position all of the time.  This year, its Buffalo’s turn to double dip on draft day.

Case Keenum and the undefeated Houston Cougars fought the Law in the Conference USA Championship game back in December and the Law won.  Southern Miss also won the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl against the Nevada Wolfpack.

Law can play 4-3 defensive end or 3-4 outside linebacker.  Law’s favorite athlete is LaMaar Woodley.  Cordarro Law reminds me of an undrafted pass rusher that went to Kent State.  He’s teammates with Woodley.  I sort of hope New England uses one of our picks on Cordarro Law if he is available in the top 100 from a fans perspective.

42. Miami Dolphins 6-10 Nick Foles Quarterback Arizona Senior Redshirt Nick Foles is a 3 project quarterback.  Miami has the luxury of taking a flyer on Foles.  Miami can bring in a quarterback like Jason Campbell or Kyle Orton to compete with Matt Moore for the Dolphins starting job in 2012 because Matt Moore performed well down the stretch.

Matt Moore played well down the stretch despite Miami not having Jake Long start at left tackle.  This gives coaches on the Dolphins staff who remained with the 2011 team the impression that he can be a leader with a proper supporting cast.

Nick Foles has huge upside.  Foles has immense potential and could become the next Roethlisberger with the right development.  Nick Foles is so raw on paper when watching the film plus there are so many question marks in Nick Foles overall game with his accuracy and decision making.

Foles is 6 foot 5 240 and has the cannon arm.  Nick Foles needs to improve his composure to succeed at the next level.

I will not rule out the odds of Foles becoming a Roethlisbeger like quarterback completely.  The odds are heavily stacked against Foles to reach that immense potential at this point.

43. Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Chris Polk Running Back Washington Junior Redshirt I think Chris Polk can become the complete package at running back.  6 foot 222 pounds.  Three straight seasons with 1,100 rushing yards with an average run blocking unit.  I watched Polk have monster games against Arizona and Stanford.  What more do you want from Polk?

Seattle will need a new back if they do not resign Marshawn Lynch.  I bet Seattle gets the impression that their offensive line will mature this offseason.  Security may also want Seattle to part ways with Lynch so fans don’t throw Skittles on the field every time Lynch does a touchdown celebration.

The Seahawks used to play their games at Washington before Qwest Field was built.  It would be nice if Seattle returned the favor to Washington by drafting one of Washington’s most highly coveted rushers in years.

44. Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 Vinny Curry 3-4 Left Outside Linebacker Marshall Senior Tamba Hali and Justin Houston are two good starting pass rushers.  Vinny Curry could provide some good depth behind Justin Houston as a pass rusher.

45. Dallas Cowboys 8-8 Leonard Johnson Cornerback Iowa State Senior Leonard Johnson covered Justin Blackmon well in Iowa State’s upset win over #2 ranked Oklahoma State which kept Oklahoma State from receiving that second invitation to New Orleans.

46. Philadelphia Eagles 8-8 Zach Brown Right Outside Linebacker North Carolina Senior Some Draft Scouts believe Zach Brown has questions about maturity.  The Eagles won’t care.  Andy Reid and the Eagles front office will snag Brown by taking the best player available if he slips to the 2nd round.

47. New York Jets 8-8 Zebrie Sanders Right Tackle Florida State Senior The Jets have needed a right tackle ever since Damien Woody retired at right tackle.  Zebrie Sanders provides incredible value at this spot for the New York Jets.

Sanders played left tackle and really impressed many during the second half of the season.

48. New England Patriots from Oakland Raiders 8-8 Kevin Zeitler Right Guard Wisconsin Senior New England could use a long term starter at right guard in case Brian Waters or Marcus Cannon is not the answer.  Kevin Zeitler is ready to start on an NFL team now.  Going to New England to develop his skills even more will only help Zeitler’s game.

49. San Diego Chargers 8-8 Lamar Miller Running Back Miami FL Sophomore Redshirt The Chargers need a running back for depth.  Ryan Matthews is too injury prone and Mike Tolbert is a #2 back at best who is used in red zone situations.

Ryan Matthews showed promise down the stretch with injuries on the Chargers offensive line.  Matthews had 90 rushing yards, and 2 rushing touchdowns on 26 carries against the Baltimore Ravens.  Left tackle Marcus McNeil and left guard Kris Dielman were injured in that game.  The right side of the Chargers offensive line is weaker right guard Louis Vasquez and right tackle Jerome Clary.

Lamar Miller could start out as the #3 back in San Diego.  Miller could capitalize on a key chance to win the Chargers starting running back job kind of like how DeMarco Murray did in Dallas last year.

50. Chicago Bears 8-8 Nigel Bradham Left Outside Linebacker Florida State Senior Nigel Bradham can play anywhere at linebacker in a 4-3 scheme.  The Bears have to draft him as a starting left outside linebacker and then move him inside when Urlacher retires.

51. Philadelphia Eagles from Arizona Cardinals 8-8 Ronnell Lewis Left Outside Linebacker Oklahoma Junior The Eagles need a 4-3 left outside linebacker.  Ronnell Lewis makes a great fit for the Eagles here.

52. Tennessee Titans 8-8 Travis Lewis Right Outside Linebacker Oklahoma Senior Redshirt The Titans may cut Will Witherspoon to save cap room.  The Titans are considering starting a right outside linebacker, Colin McCarthy, and Akeem Ayers in 2012.  Travis Lewis would be an enticing option at this spot.

53. Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 LaMichael James Running Back Oregon Junior Redshirt Cincinnati will need to draft two backs if they cannot get Chris Polk or Lamar Miller in round 2.  The Bengals would need an elusive back and a power back in the later rounds.

LaMichael James was a 2010 Heisman Finalist.  James has had 3 straight seasons of 1,500 rushing yards.  James is a 5th round talent from a physical standpoint.  When you look at James production you look at a first round talent.  I got James graded out as a fringe 2nd round talent.

54. Detroit Lions 10-6 Jonathan Massaquoi Left End Troy Sophomore Redshirt Kyle Vaden Bosch is 33 years old at right end.  Starting left end Cliff Avril has an expiring deal.  Jonathan Massaquoi is my final player graded out as a 2nd round talent.  The Detroit Lions should take a defensive end for depth here even if Avril gets resigned.

55. Atlanta Falcons 10-6 Cordy Glenn Left Tackle Georgia Senior The Falcons need a new left tackle.  No more second round talents on my draft board so this is where teams reach for 3rd round talents to address needs.  The clock has struck midnight in Atlanta for 2008 first round pick Sam Baker.  Cordy Glenn would be inserted as the Falcons new blindside here.

56. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 Alameda Ta’amu Nose Tackle Washington Senior Alameda Ta’amu is a 6 foot 3 337 pound defensive tackle for Washington.  Ta’amu can play in a 4-3 or a 3-4 scheme.

Ta’amu can operate the 0 technique, the 1 technique, the 2 technique, or the 3 technique.  Ta’amu was linked to Pittsburgh earlier this year.

This is a perfect fit for Ta’amu.  Ta’amu can sit out behind Casey Hampton and groom himself to be Hampton’s successor.

57. Denver Broncos 8-8 Ryan Tannehill Quarterback Texas A&M Senior Redshirt Some people believe Tim Tebow has performed miracles in Denver.  Tebow has an amazing supporting cast in Denver.

If Ryan Tannehill slips to Denver’s second round pick then John Elway gets to have his cake and eat it.  Meaning Tebow goes into the year as the starter and Elway comes away from the draft with Tannehill to groom for the future if he’s not completely sold on Tebow.

58. Houston Texans 10-6 Josh Chapman Nose Tackle Alabama Senior Redshirt The Texans have a tendency to select undersized nose tackles who play college football in the South.

59. New Orleans Saints 13-3 Sean Spence Right Outside Linebacker Miami FL Senior Sean Spence would give the Saints a right outside linebacker who could anchor the weak side as a WILL linebacker.

60. Green Bay Packers 15-1 Devon Still 3-4 Right End Penn State Senior Redshirt Devon Still looked like a late first round pick.  As he generated more hype, he struggled down the stretch in big games.

Devon Still can play 4-3 defensive tackle or 3-4 defensive end in a 5 technique.  Still could be the perfect replacement to Cullen Jenkins.

61. New York Giants 9-7 Delano Howell Free Safety Stanford Senior Delano Howell reminds me of someone who would play safety from the 70′s or the 80′s.  Plus Antrel Rolle needs to be replaced.

62. Baltimore Ravens 12-4 Brian Quick Wide Receiver Appalachin State Senior One 3rd round talent who has the ability to become a pure #1 flanker receiving target is Appalachin State’s Brian Quick.  Quick is 6 foot 5 220 pounds at wide receiver.

Flacco will have everything if the Ravens get Brian Quick.  The receiver with size Brian Quick check.  The receive with speed who can stretch the field Torrey Smith check.  The veteran receiver Anquan Boldin check.

63. San Francisco 49ers 13-3 Donnie Fletcher Cornerback Boston College Senior The 49ers need a boundary cornerback next to Carlos Rodgers.  Donnie Fletcher is a boundary cornerback who impresses me.

64. New England Patriots 13-3 Casey Heyward Cornerback Vanderbilt Senior New England has taken a cornerback in the first two rounds of the NFL Draft every year since 2008.  Heyward has the talent to be a dime corner at this point.

Right now, the Patriots only need him to be a dime corner.  McCourty can play field cornerback, Arrington can be a boundary corner, Ras I Dowling can play nickel when healthy, leaving Casey Heyward as the dime cornerback on the New England Patriots 2012 depth chart.

Round 3

65. Indianapolis Colts 2-14 Brandon Washington Right Tackle Miami FL Junior The Colts need to bring in an offensive lineman who can compete with Ben Ijalana for the right tackle job.  The loser of the Brandon Washington VS Ben Ijalana battle in Colts training camp can claim a starting job at left guard as a consolation prize.

 66. St. Louis Rams 2-14 Bernard Pierce Running Back Temple Junior Bernard Pierce can develop into a pro bowler.  He needs time though.  Pierce going to St. Louis as a #2 back behind Steven Jackson would be a good opportunity for Pierce to showcase his skills.

67. Minnesota Vikings 3-13 Dwight Jones Wide Receiver North Carolina Senior North Carolina receiver Dwight Jones would be a good secondary receiver next to Percy Harvin.  The Vikings need to get one target to play next to Ponder with one of their top 100 picks.

68. Cleveland Browns 4-12 David Wilson Running Back Virginia Tech Junior After appearing on the Madden 12 Cover, Peyton Hillis may pull a Lebron James leaving Cleveland.  If this is the case a new back needs to be brought in ASAP.

David Wilson had 290 carries for 1,709 rushing yards after Ryan Williams and Darren Evans left Virginia Tech to enter the 2011 NFL Draft.

69. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 Terrell Manning Right Outside Linebacker North Carolina State Junior Redshirt The Buccaneers need a 4-3 right outside linebacker playing the weak side next to middle linebacker Mason Foster.  Underclassmen Terrell Manning makes a lot of sense here.

70. Washington Redskins 5-11 Amini Silatalu Left Guard Midwestern State Senior Redshirt I realize the Redskins have Trent Williams at left tackle, Jamaal Brown at right tackle, and Sean Locklear at left guard.  When all three are healthy this offensive line can be pretty effective.

The problem is all 3 are never healthy.  Amini Silatalu has the chance to be a sleeper at left guard if presented with the proper opportunity.  Silatalu can begin his career as a backup left guard.  When an injury on Washington’s offensive line occurs, Silatalu can step in trying to win the starting left guard job.

71. Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11 Marvin McNutt Wide Receiver Iowa Senior Redshirt The Jaguars have to get a wide receiver in round 3 here.  Iowa wide receiver Marvin McNutt is a #2 option.  That’s the cost for getting Quinton Coples.  If you take the can’t miss pass rusher in the first round your left without a wide receiver for Gabbert to throw to.

Jacksonville has a tough choice.  Take potentially Julius Peppers 2.0 with 3-4 ability Quinton Coples and risk missing out on a #1 flanker target for Blaine Gabbert or go for a wide receiver with their 7th overall pick and miss out on the closest sure thing at pass rusher.  I got the Jaguars taking Coples which is why McNutt is penciled to Jacksonville in round 3.

Marvin McNutt is 6 foot 4 215 pounds.  McNutt recorded 82 receptions, 1,315 receiving yards, and 12 receiving touchdowns.

72. Buffalo Bills 6-10 Audie Cole 3-4 Middle Linebacker North Carolina State Senior Redshirt The Bills need a 3-4 middle linebacker next to Nick Barnett.  Audie Cole provides great value at this spot.  The main question that some will have is, Will Cole adapt to the 3-4 scheme?

73. Miami Dolphins 6-10 Coby Fleener Tight End Stanford Senior Redshirt Miami needs a new tight end.  Coby Fleener is my top graded tight end after Clemson’s Dwayne Allen.  Andrew Luck’s tight end tandem of Zach Ertz and Coby Fleener were very active with receiving touchdowns for Stanford.  Luck went to his tight ends for a majority of his touchdowns.  That could push Fleener up draft boards.

74. Chicago Bears from Carolina Panthers 6-10 Michael Brewster Center Ohio State Senior The Bears need a new starter at center.  Michael Brewster was a first round pick at one point.  A poor finish to his 2011 campaign causes him to fall to this spot.  Chicago finds a way to get the best out of Ohio State center Michael Brewster.

75. Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 Ben Jones Center Georgia Senior The Kansas City Chiefs operate a run blocking scheme.  Georgia center Ben Jones makes a lot of sense here.

76. Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Bruce Irvin Right End West Virginia Senior I think Seattle is really going to like Bruce Irvin after watching him extensively.  Seattle needs a 4-3 right end.  I feel like Seattle will believe they can get a steal with Irvin in the 3rd round.

77. Philadelphia Eagles 8-8 Winston Guy Jr. Strong Safety Kentucky Senior Winston Guy Jr. reminds me of an undersized version of Bob Sanders with much better durability.  A top 100 pick for sure.

78. New York Jets 8-8 Orson Charles Tight End Georgia Junior Orson Charles is a #2 blocking tight end.  Charles may turn some heads at the Combine.  I feel like the Jets scouts will really come away impressed with Charles at the Combine.  If Charles slips to round 3 I get the impression the Jets take Charles as a #2 tight end to pair up with Dustin Keller.

79. San Diego Chargers 8-8 Jared Crick 3-4 Right End Nebraska Senior Redshirt Getting a 5 technique defensive end like Jared Crick could really help the Chargers.

80. Chicago Bears 8-8 Eddie Whitley Free Safety Virginia Tech Senior Chicago needs a free safety upgrade.  Eddie Whitley is the best free safety available.  Major Wright has been a major letdown in Chicago.

81. Arizona Cardinals 8-8 Jerrell Harris 3-4 Left Outside Linebacker Alabama Senior Jerrell Harris is a 3-4 left outside linebacker.  Harris recorded no sacks.  Harris can stop the run and cover tight ends well.

82. Dallas Cowboys 8-8 Brandon Lindsey 3-4 Left Outside Linebacker Pittsburgh Senior Redshirt Brandon Lindsey is a 6 foot 2 250 pound pass rusher.  Lindsey has played in a 4-3 and a 3-4 scheme.  Lindsey registered 8.5 sacks in 2011 after registering 17.5 tackles for a loss and 10 sacks in 2010.

Anthony Spencer has an expiring contract.  Dallas needs a pass rusher.  Brandon Lindsey provides good value in the 3rd round.

83. Tennessee Titans 9-7 David Paulson Tight End Oregon Senior Redshirt David Paulson is mainly used as a run blocker.  Paulson would be best served as a #2 tight end on an NFL Depth chart.  The Titans could use a tight end behind Jared Cook Jr. for depth.

84. Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 Jake Bequette Left End Arkansas Senior Redshirt Jake Bequette registered 10 sacks for Arkansas in 2011.  Bequette is a 4-3 left end.  Bequette can provide even more depth for the Bengals pass rush.

85. Atlanta Falcons 10-6 Michael Egnew Tight End Missouri Senior Egnew had 90 receptions as Blaine Gabbert’s #1 target in 2010.  In 2011 Egnew evolved into more of a blocking tight end.  The fact that Egnew started blocking more kind of hurt his draft stock.

86. Detroit Lions 10-6 Josh Robinson Cornerback Central Florida Junior As a true sophomore, Josh Robinson kept AJ Green in check during AJ Green’s final bowl game at Georgia.  Robinson anchored a pass defense that finished 23rd out of 120 teams.

87. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 Aaron Henry Free Safety Wisconsin Senior Redshirt Aaron Henry is a good backup free safety in the event that Ryan Clark gets injured again.  Henry would provide a major upgrade over Ryan Mundy at free safety.

Wisconsin finished the season ranked 4th overall in pass defense out of 120 total teams.  Aaron Henry had 4 interceptions including one in a bowl game against Oregon.  16 of Henry’s 23 deflections took place during the last two seasons at Wisconsin.

Aaron Henry had 62 total tackles in 2011 after tallying 58 total tackles in 2010.  Ryan Clark combined for 120 total tackles over the last two seasons.  Ryan Clark had 100 total tackles this season.

Henry is a backup free safety at this point.  Aaron Henry seems like the ideal free safety to groom behind Ryan Clark for the future.

88. Denver Broncos 8-8 Jerel Worthy Defensive Tackle Michigan State Junior Redshirt Denver needs two defensive tackles.  One who can be a starter like Michael Brockers.  The second defensive tackle has to be a rotational defensive tackle who can come in on 3rd down situations for Broderick Bunkley.

89. Houston Texans 10-6 Jaye Howard 3-4 Right End Florida Senior Redshirt The Texans go best player available and add some depth at 5 technique behind starters Antonio Smith and JJ Watt.

90. New Orleans Saints 13-3 Marcus Forston Defensive Tackle Miami FL Junior Redshirt Sedrick Ellis, Aubrayo Franklin, and Shaun Rodgers are all on this roster at defensive tackle.  Another defensive tackle for depth could be added.

91. Green Bay Packers 15-1 Billy Winn 3-4 Left End Boise State Senior Redshirt Billy Winn plays 3-4 left end next to Devon Still.  The Packers now have 2 3-4 ends who can play the 5 technique.

92. New York Giants 9-7 James Michael Johnson Middle Linebacker Nevada Senior The Giants looked thin at middle linebacker when examining their depth chart.  James Michael Johnson recorded 95 total tackles in 2011.  I would have to imagine that he would be a slight upgrade over Chase Blackburn or Greg Jones.

93. Baltimore Ravens 12-4 Lavonte David Strong Safety Nebraska Senior The Ravens take a flyer on Lavonte David so they can rotate a blitzer like David in between snaps with strong safety Bernard Pollard.

94. San Francisco 49ers 13-3 LaDarius Green Tight End Louisiana Lafayete Senior Redshirt LaDarius Green is 6 foot 6 230 pounds.  Green has the height even though he could weight in bulk.  LaDarius Green has been one of the more consistent seniors.

The NFL has changed with the two tight end sets.  Baltimore and New England drafted multiple tight ends in 2010 and both reaped the benefits of the two tight end sets.  Baltimore got Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta.  New England got Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.  I feel like Harbaugh will get a 2nd tight end to pair up with Vernon Davis.

Delanie Walker is an effective #2 tight end.  I feel like LaDarius Green could bring in some competition for the Delaine Walker even if he starts out as a #3 tight end.

Green 32 receptions for 533 receiving yards in 2009.  44 receptions for 794 receiving yards in 2010.  51 receptions for 606 receiving yards in 2011.  Green will bring in a enough tight end depth to give Alex Smith another target to throw to.  LaDarius Green had 8 receiving touchdowns in 2011 really displaying some red zone ability.

95. New England Patriots 13-3 Chandler Jones Right End Syracuse Junior Redshirt Chandler Jones is the brother of Arthur Jones.  Chandler Jones only has 10 sacks through 3 years as a starter at Syracuse.  Jones playes for the 33rd ranked run defense with Syracuse.

Jones weighs 6 foot 5 265 pounds.  Jones could start out as a depth player possibly working his way into a starting role at right end once Andre Carter retires.

Round 4

96. St. Louis Rams 2-14 AJ Jenkins Wide Receiver Illinois Senior The Rams could use a receiver for depth.  Greg Salas had 8 receptions when lining up against Charles Woodson as a flanker receiver before breaking his leg against the Arizona Cardinals.  Salas recorded 7 receptions when lined up as a secondary receiver next to Brandon Lloyd in the game against the Cardinals where he broke his leg. Danario Alexander can be a secondary receiver.  Danny Amendola is a good slot receiver.  Austin Pettis and Brandon Gibson can battle to be the #4 receiver.

I really believe Greg Salas, Austin Pettis, and tight end Lance Kendricks from the 2011 NFL Draft can become reliable targets for Sam Bradford if you get him a left tackle with amazing pass blocking like Matt Kalil.

Illinois wide receiver AJ Jenkins has the potential to become a #5 receiver on a depth chart.  The Rams can start him out as a #6 receiver and have Jenkins work his way up to #5 role.

Jenkins is 6 foot 1 190 pounds.  Jenkins had 90 receptions, 1,276 receiving yards, and 8 receiving touchdowns in 2011.  AJ Jenkins practiced against an Illinois pass defense that ranked 3rd in the country out of 120 teams.

97. Indianapolis Colts 2-14 D’Anton Lynn Cornerback Penn State Senior D’Anton Lynn has the ability to develop into a #1 field cornerback.  Penn State’s pass defense ranked 17th out of 120 teams.  D’Anton Lynn anchored Penn State’s secondary.

The Colts need a #1 cornerback to anchor their secondary even though they have the safeties.  I really believe that D’Anton Lynn could be the missing piece that the Colts secondary is looking for.

98. Minnesota Vikings 3-13 Bobby Rainey Running Back Western Kentucky Senior Redshirt Bobby Rainey had a fantastic season for Western Kentucky.  Rainey had 369 carries, 1,695 rushing yards, and 13 rushing touchdowns.

Only two run defenses kept Bobby Rainey to under 100 rushing yards in 2011.  Those run defenses were the 3rd ranked LSU run defense that held Rainey to 85 rushing yards on the ground and the Arkansas State run defense that ranked 15th in the country.

Adrian Peterson may not be 100 percent at the start of the season with his injury.  I feel like the Vikings have got to get a running back for depth at some point.

99. Philadelphia Eagles from Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 Matt Reynolds Right Tackle BYU Senior Redshirt Matt Reynolds could start at right tackle at some point for the Eagles down the road.  Todd Herremans is solid, but expendable.  Reynolds showed signs of a future starting right tackle in BYU’s bowl game.

100. Cleveland Browns 4-12 Bobbie Massie Right Tackle Ole Miss Junior The Cleveland Browns need a right tackle.  Ole Miss right tackle Bobbie Massie would really manage to solve the Browns issues at right tackle.

101. Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11 Jermaine Kearse Wide Receiver Washington Senior The Jaguars have to get 2 receivers in the first 4 rounds if they do not add a receiver in the first round.  The 6 foot 2 208 pound wide receiver was Jake Locker’s favorite target.  Kearse’s numbers declined without former Washington quarterback Jake Locker who went 8th overall to the Tennessee Titans in 2011.

102. Washington Redskins 5-11 Ryan Broyles Wide Receiver Oklahoma Senior Redshirt Ryan Broyles was Landry Jones favorite target at Oklahoma.  Broyles is a great route runner who could be a #5 receiver on a depth chart.  Washington has some solid wide receiver depth with Santana Moss, Jabar Gaffney, Leonard Hankerson, Anthony Armstrong, Niles Paul, and Aldrick Robinson.  The problem is none of these receivers have stepped up to the plate as a #1 target.

103. Miami Dolphins 6-10 Cameron Chism Cornerback Maryland Senior Miami needs a nickel cornerback.  Cameron Chism won some one on one practice battles against Torrey Smith at Maryland.

104. Carolina Panthers 6-10 Juron Criner Wide Receiver Arizona Senior Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell, Armanti Edwards, Kealoha Pilares, and Darvin Adams are all on the Panthers depth chart.  The Panthers want a #2 receiver to emerge from the fold next to Smith to succeed Steve Smith.  They need a #6 receiver to solidify the depth on the roster.

Juron Criner is a good fit for Carolina here because he adds more depth to the field and can compete for a roster spot.

Criner had 82 receptions for 1,233 receiving yards and 11 receiving touchdowns in 2010.  Criner had 75 receptions, 956 receiving yards, and 11 receiving touchdowns in 2011.  Criner had 9 receiving touchdowns in 2009 as a true sophomore.

105. Buffalo Bills 6-10 Kirk Cousins Quarterback Michigan State Senior Redshirt Ryan Fitzpatrick signed a long term deal.  The Buffalo Bills need to sign a developmental quarterback.  Kirk Cousins has the potential to develop into a low end starter.  Kirk Cousins is best utilized as a developmental backup.  Buffalo is the perfect fit for Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins.

106. Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Ryan Steed Cornerback Furman Senior Who would take a cornerback from Furman in the 4th round?  Pete Caroll would.

107. Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 Trumaine Johnson Cornerback Montana Senior Trumaine Johnson can play cornerback or free safety.  I think the Chiefs look past Johnson’s character concerns considering they need upgrades at both spots.

108. New York Jets 8-8 Jeff Fuller Wide Receiver Texas A&M Senior Jeff Fuller has the potential to develop into a #1 flanker target.  Coaches at Texas A&M are uncertain if he has the work ethic.  I think the Jets take a flyer on Fuller here hoping they get a receiver to compliment Holmes here.

109. Washington Redskins from Oakland Raiders 8-8 DeQuan Menzie Cornerback Alabama Senior DeQuan Menzie was the #2 boundary cornerback on Alabama’s depth chart.  Menzie can start out as a nickel cornerback.  Over time, Menzie can compete with Josh Wilson for a starting role.

110. San Diego Chargers 8-8 Keith Tandy Cornerback West Virginia Senior Keith Tandy could provide some depth at cornerback.  Tandy has the ability to develop into a dime cornerback.  The Chargers have a field, boundary, and nickel corner short term.  Tandy could provide more depth playing a dime role.

111. Chicago Bears 8-8 Shea McClellin Right End Boise State Senior Shea McClellin could be a draft day sleeper.  McClellin is a 4-3 right end who recorded 7 sacks while playing for a Boise State run defense that ranked 22nd out of 120 teams.

Shea McClellin is exactly the kind of player the Bears need to groom for the future behind all pro right end Julius Peppers.

112. Arizona Cardinals 8-8 Chris Owusu Wide Receiver Stanford Senior The Cardinals depth chart looks like this.  Larry Fitzgerald is the flanker, Andre Roberts is the secondary target, Early Doucet is playing the slot, DeMarco Sampson is the #4 target, and Chansi Stuckey is the #5 target.  Stuckey should move to a #6 target plus a 6th target for depth is needed.  How about Chris Owusu?  Owusu could provide some nice value at this spot.

113. Dallas Cowboys 8-8 Kheeston Randall 3-4 Right End Texas Senior Kheeston Randall can play anywhere in a 3-4 defense.  3-4 right end, 3-4 left end, or 3-4 nose tackle.  Dallas may add the hometown prospect at this spot to add more defensive depth.

114. Philadelphia Eagles 8-8 Russell Wilson Quarterback Wisconsin Senior Redshirt Russell Wilson has the potential to develop into a borderline starter.  Unless the Eagles believe Mike Kafka is capable of being a backup, they have to get Russell Wilson at this spot in the mid rounds.

115. Tennessee Titans 9-7 Johnnie Troutman Left Guard Penn State Senior Johnnie Troutman is a pure left guard.  Left Guard and center are the two biggest areas the Titans need to address on their offensive line.

116. Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 Levy Adcock Left Guard Oklahoma State Senior Redshirt Levy Adcock has the versatility to play offensive tackle or guard.  Some struggles at offensive tackle make Adcock a guard only option.  The Bengals need a left guard upgrade.  Levy Adcock can compete with Clint Boling for the left guard job in Bengals training camp this fall.

117. Detroit Lions 10-6 Mike Ryan Left Tackle Connecticut Senior Redshirt Mike Ryan was a left tackle for Connecticut.  Ryan can play left tackle or right tackle in the NFL.  Ryan is more of a run blocker.

The Lions like run blockers better over pass blockers.  Mike Ryan would enter Lions training camp as the backup right tackle worst case scenario.  Ryan could compete with Jason Fox for that backup left tackle job in a fun battle during Lions training camp.

118. Cleveland Browns from Atlanta Falcons 10-6 Keenan Robinson Right Outside Linebacker Texas Senior Redshirt Keenan Robinson would make a good right outside linebacker.  Adding Robinson solidifies the Browns linebackers.

Robinson can play right outside linebacker, D Qwell Jackson can play middle linebacker, with Chris GoCong moving to left outside linebacker.  Adding Keenan Robinson makes the Browns linebackers stronger.

119. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 Kelechi Osmele Left Guard Iowa State Senior Redshirt Kelechi Osmele played left tackle at Iowa State.  The 6 foot 5 347 pound offensive lineman needs to improve his footwork.

Osmele can line up anywhere at offensive tackle or guard.  Osmele will likely kick inside to guard once he gets to the NFL.  Osmele has the potential to be a draft day sleeper.  I think Osmele can beat out Ramon Foster or Chris Kemoatu for one of the guard spots.

Pittsburgh needs more depth on their offensive line.  With Max Starks out 6 to 9 months here is what their 2012 offensive line will look like.

Left Tackle Willie Colon

Left Guard Chris Kemoatu

Center Maurkice Pouncey

Right Guard Ramon Foster

Right Tackle Marcus Gilbert

Doug LeGursky will serve as a backup.  Adding depth at offensive tackle and guard is a huge priority in Pittsburgh because injuries can mount up on the offensive line pretty quickly.

120. Denver Broncos 8-8 Chris Givens Wide Receiver Wake Forest Junior Redshirt Chris Givens had 83 receptions, 1,330 receiving yards, and 9 receiving touchdowns.  Givens would provide good depth for Denver at this point.

121. Houston Texans 10-6 T.Y. Hilton Wide Receiver Florida International Senior T.Y. Hilton could provide some depth for the Texans at this point.  The Texans need depth behind Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, and Jacoby Jones.

122. New Orleans Saints 13-3 Trevor Olsen Right Tackle Northern Illinois Senior Redshirt The Saints need a new starter at right tackle.  Trevor Olsen may be a good mid round pick.  Olsen was a blindside for Chandler Harnish.

123. Green Bay Packers 15-1 Nate Potter Left Guard Boise State Senior Redshirt Evan Dietrich Smith started at left guard this season when injuries occurred on the offensive line with Chad Clifton, Bryan Bulaga, Derrick Sherrod, and TJ Lang.

Evan Dietrich-Smith has no business starting at left guard.  There are no 3-4 outside linebackers at this point so I am giving Green Bay Nate Potter.  Potter’s run blocking is a joke.  Nate Potter’s pass blocking is right up there with 1st round offensive tackles Matt Kalil, Jonathan Martin, and Riley Reiff.

Being a guard for depth in Green Bay, a team that operates a pass blocking scheme, seems like the perfect fit for Boise State’s Nate Potter.

124. New York Giants 9-7 Shaun Prater Cornerback Iowa Senior Getting a dime cornerback is key for the New York Giants.  The Giants have Corey Webster as the field cornerback and Prince Amukamara as a boundary cornerback.  Depth at nickel and dime may be needed with the loss of Aaron Ross.

125. Buffalo Bills from Baltimore Ravens 12-4 Jordan White Wide Receiver Western Michigan Senior Redshirt Jordan White could make a good complimentary receiver for Stevie Johnson.

126. San Francisco 49ers 13-3 Lucas Nix Right Guard Pittsburgh Senior Lucas Nix’s pass blocking hasn’t really impressed me yet.  Nix is arguably one of the top 5 run blockers in this entire draft.

San Francisco 49ers right guard Adam Snyder has an expiring deal.  I feel like the 49ers need to part ways with Snyder and add another run blocking right guard to their scheme.

Pittsburgh right guard Lucas Nix seems like the ideal fit for San Francisco’s run blocking scheme.  Adding Nix gives the 49ers offensive line a rotation of Joe Staley, Mike Iupati, Jonathan Goodwin, Lucas Nix, and Anthony Davis for your starting offensive line.  That’s pretty good.

127. New England Patriots 13-3 William Vlachos Center Alabama Senior Redshirt Dan Koppen missed the entire season with an injury.  Dan Connolly moved from right guard to center.  William Vlachos would line up at center and call the plays that Alabama’s offensive line would execute.  I feel like Belicheck would take Vlachos here and use him as a reserve until his physical tools develop.

Round 5

128. Indianapolis Colts 2-14 Omar Bolden Cornerback Arizona State Senior Redshirt The Colts need a boundary cornerback.  Omar Bolden can be an effective boundary cornerback if he stays healthy.  The biggest issue with Bolden is that he is injury prone.

129. Denver Broncos from St.Louis Rams 2-14 Daniel “Boom” Herron Running Back Ohio State Senior Redshirt Daniel “Boom” Herron had some big games despite getting suspended in the first half.  I think a team like Denver will take a flyer on Herron at this point in the 5th round.

130. Minnesota Vikings 3-13 Tydreke Powell Defensive Tackle North Carolina Senior Tydreke Powell could be a run stuffing defensive tackle in the mold of a Pat Williams.  Powell provides great value for a player at the top of round 5.

131. Cleveland Browns 4-12 Chris Gallipo Left Outside Linebacker USC Senior Redshirt Gallipo can play anywhere at linebacker.  Gallipo provides the Browns with some linebacker depth.

132. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 Terrance Ganaway Running Back Baylor Senior Redshirt Ganaway was Baylor’s running back.  Some are suggesting that Ganaway moves to fullback.  Tampa Bay targets players in the Midwest region.  Terrance Ganaway makes a lot of sense here.

133. Washington Redskins 5-11 George Bryan Tight End North Carolina State Senior Redshirt George Bryan would make a good #3 tight end for depth.  The Redskins need a #3 tight end for depth who can compete with Logan Paulsen for a roster spot.

134. Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11 Blake Gideon Free Safety Texas Senior The Jaguars need a new free safety.  Blake Gideon is the best player available at free safety.

135. Carolina Panthers 6-10 James Brown Left Tackle Troy Senior James Brown is the left tackle for the Troy Trojans.  Brown could provide good depth at left tackle behind Jordan Gross.  Gross struggled at left tackle on some plays as a pass blocker.  Adding depth to groom for the future at left tackle should be one of Carolina’s top priorities in the late rounds.

136. Buffalo Bills 6-10 Mitchell Schwartz Right Tackle California Senior Redshirt Mitchell Schwartz is a run blocking right tackle.  Schwartz really improved his pass blocking this year.

The Buffalo Bills have a left tackle with Chris Hairston even if Demetrius Bell isn’t retained.  Getting a right tackle to compliment Hairston is top priority for Buffalo.

137. Miami Dolphins 6-10 Frank Alexander 3-4 Left Outside Linebacker Oklahoma Senior Alexander could be an effective 3-4 pass rusher for depth.

138. Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 Jeff Adams Left Tackle Columbia Senior The Chiefs love run blockers.  The Chiefs took some fullback out of Yale last year.  I think the Chiefs would consider the notion of using a late round pick on small school left tackle like Jeff Adams if the Chiefs opt for a back like Trent Richardson here.

139. Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Kellen Moore Quarterback Boise State Senior Redshirt Drafting Kellen Moore in the 5th round is classic Pete Carroll.  Every year you see Carroll sign a quarterback in free agency.  Signing Matt Flynn, keeping Jackson as the backup, and drafting Boise State’s Kellen Moore as the quarterback to groom for the future seems like the ideal plan in Seattle.

Kellen Moore has Peyton Manning like mental attributes and Drew Brees size at quarterback.  Everyone is discounting Kellen Moore which will cause him to fall to the 5th round.

140. Oakland Raiders 8-8 Donte Paige Moss 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker North Carolina Junior The Raiders are switching to a 3-4 defense.  Maybe the Raiders take a flyer on Donte Paige Moss here.

141. San Diego Chargers 8-8 Mike Martin Nose Tackle Michigan Senior Mike Martin could provide the Chargers more nose tackle depth.

142. Chicago Bears 8-8 Joe Suhey Fullback Penn State Senior Redshirt Matt Suhey got to block for Walter Payton in Chicago.  Now Matt’s son Joe, gets to do the same for Matt Forte.

143. Arizona Cardinals 8-8 Kendall Reyes 3-4 Right End Connecticut Senior Redshirt Arizona is simply adding a 5 technique player for depth here.

144. Dallas Cowboys 8-8 David Molk Center Michigan Senior Redshirt The Cowboys need a new starting center.  Maybe David Molk is worth a flyer in the late rounds considering he had one on one battles with Michigan nose tackle Mike Martin who anchored the Wolverines 3-4 defense.

145. Philadelphia Eagles 8-8 Greg McCoy Cornerback TCU Senior Redshirt Greg McCoy is a decent late round corner.  The Eagles could afford to take a flyer on McCoy and add him for depth.

146. New York Jets 8-8 Brandon Weeden Quarterback Oklahoma State Senior Redshirt Brandon Weeden was born 45 days before Aaron Rodgers.  Weeden’s experience could make him a short term answer if Mark Sanchez continues to struggle.

147. Tennessee Titans 9-7 Christian Scott Strong Safety Texas Senior Redshirt The Titans need a strong safety if Chris Hope does not return.  Christian Scott seems like an intriguing late round option here.

148. Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 Lance Mitchell Free Safety Oregon State Senior Redshirt Lance Mitchell can provide some depth at free safety for the Cincinnati Bengals.

149. Atlanta Falcons 10-6 Cam Johnson Right End Virginia Senior Atlanta needs depth at pass rusher behind Jonathan Abraham and Ray Edwards.  Maybe Cam Johnson is an answer.

150. Detroit Lions 10-6 Bobby Wagner Left Outside Linebacker Utah State Senior The Lions could use an upgrade at left outside linebacker.  Bobby Wagner seems like such a good value pick here for the Lions if he slips this far.

151. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 Isaiah Pead Running Back Cincinnati Senior Rashard Mendenhall enters his contract year and his future is unknown.  Issac Redman showed promise as a #2 back and may even get a shot as the #1 back.

Pead is 5 foot 11 200 pounds.  Pead had 9 rushing touchdowns as a true sophomore in 2009 even though the Cincinnati Bearcats had NFL Draft prospects like quarterback Tony Pike and Mardy Gilyard on offense.

In 2010, Pead had 157 carries for 1,029 rushing touchdowns.  Pead started to establish himself as a senior to watch for.

Pead really emerged in 2011.  Pead had 237 carries, 1,259 rushing yards, and 12 rushing touchdowns.

Pead has the potential to develop into a #2 back.  The Steelers front office seems like they will part ways with Mendenhall.  If that happens, bringing in a back like Pead as a #2 back behind Issac Redman.

The SEC has some of the best defenses.  Isaiah Pead ran for 155 rushing yards against the Tennessee Volunteers on the road against an SEC opponent.

Pead invaded Heinz Field with 22 carries for 118 rushing yards in a 26 to 23 win over Pittsburgh.  Pead is a player that the Pittsburgh Steelers need to consider as a #2 back for depth if they opt not to resign Rashard Mendenhall.

152. Denver Broncos 8-8 Carmen Messina Middle Linebacker New Mexico Senior Redshirt Carmen Messina reminds me a former New Mexico middle linebacker.  Denver should really look into taking Messina here.  An upgrade over Joe Mays is needed and Nate Irving has not stepped up to the plate to beat out Mays for the starting job.

153. Houston Texans 8-8 George Iloka Strong Safety Boise State Senior George Ikola is a good value pick.  The Texans need to add a safety at some point.

154. New Orleans Saints 13-3 Garth Gerhart Center Arizona State Senior Redshirt Garth Gerhart is the brother of Toby Gerhart the Vikings running back.  Gerhart could boost a huge need at center for the New Orleans Saints.

155. Green Bay Packers 15-1 Tashaun Gibson Cornerback Wyoming Senior Since no pass rushers are available, Green Bay adds one more corner for depth.  Tashaun Gibson provides good depth here.

156. New York Giants 9-7 Brad Smelley Tight End Alabama Senior The Giants have Jake Ballard and Bear Pascoe.  It would not hurt the Giants to add another tight end for depth.  Smelley was a #2 tight end and a fullback at Alabama.

157. Baltimore Ravens 12-4 Stephen Good Left Guard Oklahoma Senior Ben Grubbs will have an expiring deal.  Marshall Yanda got paid a monster deal to be the Ravens starting right guard.  Jah Reed a 2011 3rd round pick and Stephen Good could compete for a starting left guard spot on the Ravens offensive line if Ben Grubbs is not retained after this season.

158. San Francisco 49ers 13-3 Marquis Maze Wide Receiver Alabama Senior Marquis Maze might be able to provide a slot receiver option for San Francisco.

159. Cincinnati Bengals from New England Patriots 13-3 Robert Turbin Running Back Utah State Junior Redshirt The Bengals got a elusive back with LaMichael James back in round 2.  Now the Bengals are getting a power back here at the end of round 5.

Round 6

160. St. Louis Rams 2-14 Derek Wolfe Defensive Tackle Cincinnati Senior Adding a defensive tackle for depth seems like a pretty good idea for the Rams here.  Derek Wolfe would provide great value at this spot.

161. Indianapolis Colts 2-14 Jarius Wright Wide Receiver Arkansas Senior The Colts will need a secondary target if they lose Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, and Anthony Gonzalez to free agency.

Jarius Wright is 5 foot 10 180 pounds.  Jarius Wright had 66 receptions, 1,117 receiving yards, and 12 receiving touchdowns in 2011.  Wright would provide amazing value at the top of round 6.

162. Minnesota Vikings 3-13 Ryan Miller Right Guard Colorado Senior Redshirt Anthony Herrera has no business starting right guard.  Ryan Miller would make a great upgrade for the Vikings at right guard at the top of round 6.

163. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 Elvis Fisher Left Tackle Missouri Senior Redshirt Some offensive tackle depth for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is needed.  Elvis Fisher is one of the most underrated pass blockers.  Fisher is undersized though.  Fisher can go to Tampa Bay as a backup tackle for depth.

164. Cleveland Browns 4-12 Jaymes Brooks Right Guard Virginia Tech Senior Redshirt The Browns could use run blocking guards for depth.  Jason Pinkston is a rookie left guard.  Shaun Lauvao struggled to read a Troy Polamalu blitz and relies on his pass blocking.

Bringing in some right guard depth at the top of round 6 really helps a team like the Cleveland Browns.

165. Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11 Chandler Harnish Quarterback Northern Illinois Senior Redshirt Blaine Gabbert is not capable of starting.  The Jaguars have to address quarterback in offseason.

It feels like its the right time for another late round quarterback prospect to emerge.  I had Chandler Harnish listed as a 3rd round talent.  The consensus lists Harnish as a 6th round to undrafted value.

Chandler Harnish can sit behind Blaine Gabbert in Jacksonville while the Jaguars build around Gabbert.  Then when Gabbert gets injured, Harnish will cease an opportunity to take Blaine Gabbert’s job creating a quarterback controversy in Jacksonville.

166. New Orleans Saints from Washington Redskins 5-11 Coryell Judie Cornerback Texas A&M Senior I thought the Saints had good cornerback depth with Jabari Greer as the field cornerback, Tracy Porter playing boundary corner, and Patrick Robinson lining up at nickel.  Greg Williams used these corners to make turnovers in the past.  With a new defensive coordinator coming into New Orleans he probably wants to draft his own cornerbacks to develop for some point down the road.

167. Buffalo Bills 6-10 Rhett Ellison Tight End USC Senior The Bills need a #3 tight end for depth.  Rhett Ellison from USC is my top graded tight end at this spot.

168. Miami Dolphins 6-10 Trulon Henry Free Safety Illinois Senior Trulon Henry provides an upgrade over what the Dolphins currently have at free safety.

169. Carolina Panthers 6-10 Kevious Watkins Right Guard South Carolina Senior Redshirt Kevious Watkins is a good run blocker.  The Panthers operate a run blocking scheme.  One of Carolina’s needs is getting a right guard.  Watkins can provide some depth here.

170. Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Chris Marve Middle Linebacker Vanderbilt Senior Redshirt The Seahawks need a new middle linebacker.  Chris Marve is my top middle linebacker available at this point.

171. Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 Evan Rodriquez Tight End Temple Senior Redshirt The Chiefs need a #2 tight end for depth behind Tony Moeaki.  Moeaki got injured and his absence was a huge reason the Chiefs had a let down season.

172. San Diego Chargers 8-8 Rueben Randle Wide Receiver LSU Junior Rueben Randle has the size that the San Diego Chargers look for in their receivers.

173. Chicago Bears 8-8 Cyrus Gray Running Back Texas A&M Senior The Bears take Cyrus Gray as a #3 running back for depth.  The Bears are a team that puts a stronger emphasis on run blocking than pass blocking.  That means the Bears will try to play balanced football to keep the defense suspect.  Cyrus Gray is the top back I have listed here.  That will probably change in my next mock depending on what happens during senior bowl week.

174. Arizona Cardinals 8-8 Josh Chichester Tight End Louisville Senior Arizona could use a tight end for depth.  Josh Chichester provides good value here considering how the demand of the tight end position has increased.

175. Dallas Cowboys 8-8 Doug Martin Running Back Boise State Senior Redshirt Doug Martin was 5 foot 9 195 heading into the season.  Martin has added 20 pounds since then.

Martin had 263 carries, nearly 1,300 rushing yards, 13 rushing touchdowns.  Martin is undersized.  He has the ability to be a nice #2 back.  Martin can be a #3 back behind DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones.

176. Philadelphia Eagles 8-8 DaJohn Harris Defensive Tackle USC Senior Redshirt DaJohn Harris would provide the Eagles with more depth at defensive tackle in the late rounds.  That is something the Eagles could probably use.

177. New York Jets 8-8 Mychal Kendricks 3-4 Left Outside Linebacker California Senior The Jets will need a 3-4 left outside linebacker to compliment Courtney Upshaw at some point in this 2012 NFL Draft.

178. Oakland Raiders 8-8 Cliff Harris Cornerback Oregon Junior Adding Cliff Harris to the Raiders could be another gamble that pays off.  The Raiders only have 2 picks.  Why not gamble on two ex high profile players because your likely not going to get much with these 2 picks.

179. Tennessee Titans 9-7 Jamell Fleming Cornerback Oklahoma Senior Redshirt The Titans will need a nickel cornerback if Cortland Finnegan leaves the Titans.

180. Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 Matt McCants Left Tackle UAB Senior Redshirt Andrew Whitworth is a good starter.  Matt McCants is a project who can become an elite left tackle if he develops.  McCants has the long arms and footwork.  His frame is the biggest concern at this point.  Going to a team like the Bengals this late is the ideal fit for Matt McCants.

181. Detroit Lions 10-6 Montel Harris Running Back Boston College Senior The Lions need a running back for depth.  Jahvid Best, Mikel LeShoure, and Kevin Smith have not been durable in the past.

182. Atlanta Falcons 10-6 Grant Garner Center Oklahoma State Senior Redshirt Todd McCure is in his 30′s.  Grant Garner provides good value at this spot.

183. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 Jack Crawford 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Penn State Senior Who will step up as a 3-4 right outside linebacker for the future when James Harrison retires?  Jason Worilds and Chris Carr both had multiple opportunities to assert a starting role when Harrison and Woodley got injured.  Neither really stepped up so it doesn’t hurt to bring in a late round pass rusher for competition here.

184. Philadelphia Eagles frorm Denver Broncos 8-8 Cody Johnson Fullback Texas Senior Redshirt Cody Johnson is my top graded fullback after Joe Suhey.  The Eagles may look to add a new fullback here.

185. New Orleans Saints 13-3 Case Keenum Quarterback Houston Senior Redshirt Is Chase Daniel really capable of succeeding Drew Brees.  I think Keenum can be a quality 3rd stringer in New Orleans even if he struggles to beat out Chase Daniel for the backup job.

186. Green Bay Packers 15-1 Darius Fleming 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Notre Dame Senior Darius Fleming is one of the sleepers in this draft.  Fleming showcased great pass rushing skills against Boston College late in the season.  Fleming had 11 tackles for a loss and 6 in 2010.  Fleming’s production really declined in 2011 as he only tallied 3.5 sacks.

187. New York Giants 9-7 Logan Harrell Defensive Tackle Fresno State Senior The Giants need a defensive tackle for depth.

188. Baltimore Ravens 12-4 Austin Davis Quarterback Southern Miss Senior Redshirt The Ravens need a backup for depth behind Joe Flacco.  I am not completely sold on Virginia Tech’s Tyrod Taylor as that player yet.

Austin Davis broke all of Brett Favre’s records at Southern Miss.  The Ravens scouts spoke extensively with Davis during the East West Shrine Game.  Davis could realistically go to Baltimore here.

189. San Francisco 49ers 13-3 David Pickard Left Tackle West Virginia Senior Redshirt Prior to this season, 2007 first round pick Joe Staley had durability issues at left tackle.  Staley managed to put everything together and so did the 49ers offensive line.  Why not use a late round pick on West Virginia left tackle David Pickard to add more depth to your roster?

Jim Harbaugh coached Andrew Luck at Stanford.  Andrew Luck’s dad Oliver Luck is the West Virginia Athletic Director.  The 49ers can get connections to West Virginia if necessary.

190. Philadelphia Eagles from New England Patriots 13-3 Phillip Blake Center Baylor Senior Redshirt The Eagles could use a center for depth.  Phillip Blake provides decent value at the bottom of round 6.

Round 7

191. Indianapolis Colts 2-14 Kevin Koger Tight End Michigan Senior Kevin Koger can be a very effective #2 tight end who could even develop into a #1 tight end.  Andrew Luck thrives with multiple tight ends to throw to.  Getting a second tight end next to Dallas Clark is critical because Luck threw only 6 of his touchdown passes prior to the bowl games to his wide receivers.  Andrew Luck throws a majority of his passes to those tight ends.

192. St. Louis Rams 2-14 Danny Trevathan Right Outside Linebacker Kentucky Senior The Rams need outside linebacker help at both spots.  Trevathan is a major steal who should not even be falling this far to begin with.

193. Minnesota Vikings 3-13 Blake Ayles Tight End Miami FL Senior Visante Schancoe has an expiring deal.  Schancoe’s deal is up in Minnesota.  Kyle Rudolph had durability issues at Notre Dame.  Rudolph can be an effective starter.  I still feel like a #2 tight end for depth could be used because teams are really starting to get tight ends more involved as wide receivers.

194. Cleveland Browns 4-12 Oliver Vernon Right End Miami FL Junior The Browns need a 4-3 right end.  They wait this long to add Vernon realizing they will probably need one more pass rusher when the 2013 NFL Draft approaches.

195. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 Nathan Stupar Left Outside Linebacker Penn State Senior Penn State is known as linebacker U.  Nathan Stupar is an intriguing late round option if you are looking to upgrade the strong side.  Tampa Bay could use a SAM linebacker at the left outside linebacker spot.

196. Washington Redskins 5-11 Ronnie Hillman Running Back San Diego State Sophomore Redshirt Ronnie Hillman broke several of Marshall Faulk’s records at San Diego State.  Hillman weighs 5 foot 10 190 pounds.  Hillman did have back to back seasons of 1,500 rushing yards along with a minimum of 17 rushing touchdowns.

Someone said on a podcast that Ronnie Hillman used to work at an Applebee’s before he got the starting running back job.  Is this true? You know ESPN will want to do a special on a running back that went from an Applebee’s Employee, to a guy who broke Marshall Faulk’s rushing records at San Diego State, to an established NFL super star.

197. Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11 Blake DeChristopher Right Tackle Virginia Tech Senior Redshirt The Jaguars could use a right tackle for depth.  Right Tackle Eben Britton a 2009 2nd round pick keeps getting injured each year.  Blake DeChristopher would only bolster the Jaguars run blocking scheme.

198. Miami Dolphins 6-10 Tavon Wilson Strong Safety Illinois Senior The Dolphins need a strong safety upgrade also.  I gave the Dolphins an Illinois free safety in the 6th round.  Now I am giving Miami an Illinois safety in the 7th round.

199. Carolina Panthers 6-10 Landon Walker Right Tackle Clemson Senior Redshirt Landon Walker is a good run blocking right tackle.  Landon Walker opened up lanes for Andre Ellington.  Walker was a good bookend to Chris Hairston last year.

Jeff Otah has missed the last two seasons at right tackle with injury issues.  I got Walker going to Carolina here.

200. Buffalo Bills 6-10 Brandon Boykin Cornerback Georgia Senior The Bills could use some more cornerback depth.  Boykin provides amazing value if he slips this far on draft day.

201. Seattle Seahawks 7-9 Adewale Ojomo Left End Miami FL Senior Redshirt The Seahawks could use a new starting left end.  Adewale Ojomo is my top left end prospect available at this spot.

202. Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 Neiko Thorpe Free Safety Auburn Senior Auburn’s defense had only 1 senior.  That senior was Neiko Thorpe the Auburn free safety.

203. Chicago Bears 8-8 Brandon Barden Tight End Vanderbilt Senior Redshirt It seems like the Bears have added players from Vanderbilt even before they got Jay Cutler.  Brandon Barden is a tight end from Vanderbilt who would be an upgrade over what the Bears currently have at the tight end spot.

Barden could be a tight end sleeper available in the late rounds.  Barden can be an effective route runner while excelling as a blocking tight end.

204. Arizona Cardinals 8-8 Antoine McClain Right Guard Clemson Senior Antoine McClain is a run blocking right guard.  The Cardinals could use a right guard upgrade for next season.  McClain might just be the answer.

205. Dallas Cowboys 8-8 Jordan Jefferson Quarterback LSU Senior Redshirt Jerry Jones loves quarterbacks with freakish physical tools.  That’s why I get the impression that Jerry Jones would take a flyer on Jordan Jefferson at this spot.

Jerry Jones should take a receiver for depth here behind Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Laurent Robinson.  Jones can wait until 2013 to find Tony Romo’s successor.  2013 will feature Matt Barkley, Landry Jones, Tyler Wilson 3 seniors who could be first round picks.  Tennessee junior Tyler Bray and Georgia underclassmen Aaron Murray may also emerge as underclassmen.  Two third round quarterback prospects to keep an eye on are Collin Klein of Kansas State and Alex Carder of Western Michigan.

Knowing the demand for a backup quarterback in Dallas after Stephen McGee blew a critical win against the Eagles, there could be a new backup coming to Dallas.  Jefferson has the physical tools to be a backup which is the main reason why he got mocked to Dallas here.

206. Minnesota Vikings from New England Patriots via Philadelphia Eagles 8-8 Sean Baker Strong Safety Ball State Senior Minnesota has a dire need at safety.  I have the Vikings addressing that dire need here.

207. New York Jets 8-8 Austin Pasztor Left Guard Virginia Senior The Jets need more guards.  Austin Pasztor is my top ranked left guard available at this sport.

208. Seattle Seahawks from Oakland Raiders 8-8 Eric Page Wide Receiver Toledo Junior I am simply giving Seattle the top available player for depth.  Eric Page has had 3 seasons of 1,100 receiving yards even though he is undersized.  Someone will draft Page given that consistency.

209. San Diego Chargers 8-8 Mark Asper Right Tackle Oregon Senior Redshirt Mark Asper is a run blocking offensive lineman who can play on the right side.  Asper can line up at right tackle or right guard.  The Chargers need more depth on the right side of their offensive line.  Mark Asper makes way too much sense for the San Diego Chargers considering he was the main run blocker for LaMichael James in Oregon’s offense.

210. Tennessee Titans 9-7 Ben Burkett Center Northwestern Senior Redshirt The Tennessee Titans add a center for depth here. B en Burkett is my top graded center at this point.

211. Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 Josh Oglesby Right Tackle Wisconsin Senior Redshirt Josh Oglesby can be an effective reserve right tackle.  I feel like a right tackle for depth behind Andre Smith could be used.  Oglesby is a good late round pick here.  Wisconsin’s offensive line love run blocking so Cincinnati would be a natural fit for Oglesby with their run blocking scheme.

212. Atlanta Falcons 10-6 Alfred McCullough Right Guard Alabama Senior Redshirt The Falcons never got a replacement for Harvey Dahl.  McCullough could be an intriguing late round pick for Atlanta.

213. Detroit Lions 10-6 JB Shugarts Right Tackle Ohio State Senior The Lions keep getting injuries at offensive tackle.  The Lions need to come out of this draft with two offensive tackles so they have more flexibility on the offensive line.  Shugarts may not be on the Lions final roster.  JB Shugarts will get a chance

214. Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 Bradley Sowell Left Tackle Ole Miss Senior If Willie Colon can go from undrafted to a starting offensive tackle than Sowell can go from being a 7th round pick to Ben Roethlisberger’s blindside.  Sowell has really impressed many during the East West shrine practices.

215. Denver Broncos 8-8 James Wilson Right Guard Florida Senior Redshirt James Wilson could be a good right guard for depth.  I got Wilson to Denver here.

216. Houston Texans 10-6 Joel Foreman Left Guard Michigan State Senior Redshirt The Texans need a left guard upgrade.  Joel Foreman could end up being the steal of the draft for the Houston Texans considering they could use a new starter at left guard.

217. New Orleans Saints 13-3 Emmanuel Davis Cornerback Senior Redshirt Emmanuel Davis would provide another cornerback for depth on the New Orleans Saints.

218. Green Bay Packers 15-1 Dominique Davis Quarterback East Carolina Senior Redshirt The Packers will need to develop a new backup when Matt Flynn is gone.  Dominique Davis of East Carolina has all of the physical tools.  Davis lacks the mental aspects to the game at this point.  As long as Green Bay’s coaching staff sticks together, then Davis could be an intriguing developmental option.

219. New York Giants 9-7 Darron Thomas Quarterback Oregon Junior Redshirt I really question Darron Thomas’s decision to leave Oregon early.  Thomas could have gone higher than Dennis Dixon if he returned for his senior season.

Darron Thomas got Drew Rosenhaus as his agent.  Thomas has no business leaving school early for the NFL if he cannot even beat out David Carr for the backup job.

220. Baltimore Ravens 12-4 J.R. Sweezy 3-4 Left End North Carolina State Senior Redshirt The Ravens get a 3-4 left end for depth behind Cory Redding.

221. San Francisco 49ers 13-3 Tony Jerod 3-4 Left End Texas A&M Senior The 49ers add a 3-4 left end for depth with this selection.

222. Kansas City Chiefs from New England Patriots 13-3 Greg Childs Wide Receiver Arkansas Senior The Chiefs will add a wide receiver at some point if they lose Dwayne Bowe.  Greg Childs could be this years Mr Irrelevant.


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