Seton Hall Pirates To Have One of the Worst Non-Conference Schedules?

By Trevor Lowry
Seton Hall Pirates
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

I knew the Seton Hall Pirates had a very weak non-conference schedule, but is it really that bad?

Well, according to ESPN it is. The website has them down as having one of the worst non-conference schedules in college basketball for the upcoming season. Remember that the Pirates play in the Big East Conference and are not a cupcake or anything like that.

The Pirates will play Oklahoma on the season and that is about it. If they beat the Sooners then we will talk–will have a very tough matchup in the Coaches vs. Cancer.

To say that this team has one of the worst out-of-conference schedules is pretty bold, though. Those are fighting words right there. However, I would kind of have to agree with ESPN. At the same time, Seton Hall did finish last season with an overall record of 15-18 and a Big East record of 3-15. As a result, I am sure many people could see the logic in it having an easy schedule before conference play tips off.

The Big East is going to be tough once again and Seton Hall is not going to win the conference… once again. Finishing in the top five of the conference standings would be quite the surprise, but we will probably not see that surprise happening this season.

Still, the team can hope for incoming freshman Jaren Sina to be a hit and for it to play Michigan State in the Coaches vs. Cancer. That very well could happen folks. Until then, ESPN is spot on by saying that the Pirates have one of the worst non-conference schedules.

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