Columbus Foot Locker Selling Ohio State Basketball Jersey With 'Ohio' Misspelled

By Connor Muldowney
Ohio State
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If you’re an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, the last week has not been so great for you. First off, your basketball team lost in the second round, which should actually be considered the first, of the NCAA Tournament to the No. 11 seed Dayton Flyers. That started somewhat of a snowball effect of awful things happening to the school.

After the loss, it sunk in with many Ohio State fans that the beloved Aaron Craft was not coming back. Moreover, junior wing man and completely-NBA-unready Ohio State player, LaQuinton Ross, declared for the NBA draft — yes, even though he is far from ready to make the leap.

So the team next year might not be the best. March Madness has been quite the grim time in Columbus, Ohio, and it’s starting to affect local businesses.

A Columbus Foot Locker was so affected by the recent downward spiral that it completely goofed up jersey sales. No, the sales haven’t decreased, from what I am guessing, but the sales are embarrassing.

Embarrassing in what way, you ask? Check out this epically-monumental spelling mistake on the front of an Ohio State basketball jersey that the Foot Locker is trying to sell:

Yikes. I guess “O-I-H-O” is a new saying in Columbus.

In case you don’t recall, this isn’t the first time the spelling on Ohio State memorabilia has been incorrect. In fact, now-former offensive lineman for the Buckeyes’ football team, Marcus Hall, sold his infamous middle-finger-to-the-crowd photo with the word “notable” spelled wrong.

Oh yeah, and the Ohio State basketball team tried to heat up a rivalry against the Michigan Wolverines by leaving out the letter ‘M’ from every word on the roster — except it missed a big one.

Ohio State is struggling right now. Spelling is hard.

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