Ohio State QB Cardale Jones Makes His Feelings on Education Clear

By Michael Collins
Image courtesy scarletbuckeye.com

I guess it hasn’t taken long for Urban Meyer‘s influence to take seed in the Ohio State University football program. No, I’m not talking about the Buckeyes being 5-0 and leading the pack in the Big-10. I’m talking about Meyer’s student athletes becoming a national spectacle.

OSU freshman quarterback Cardale Jones made quite clear his feelings about why he is in school. To get an education? To increase his influence in the world of academia? To learn a trade to have as a safety valve should a career in athletics not pan out?

Not a chance.

It’s football, baby. College is all about football for this guy.

The tweet below, which has now been deleted, made clear Cardale’s true feelings about the reasons he is attending Ohio State:


I guess Mr. Jones is of the opinion that if you attend a major state university on a football scholarship, then there is no need to do anything except play football. I wish I had known this when I accepted my music scholarship to the University of Georgia. I wouldn’t have bothered taking all those silly math, science, and other core curriculum classes.

Not the kind of publicity that a football program who is already under NCAA sanctions really needs.

One thing is for sure, if Cardale had attended some of his English classes, he could have learned to spell his first name correctly, or at least consistently. His Facebook page, clearly linked to from his Twitter account has his name spelled “Cordale” Jones.


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