Jameis Winston: Media Shouldn't Go Overboard About Last Night's Performance

By Steven Carollo

Highly touted freshman college quarterback for Florida State SeminolesJameis Winston, had an amazing first game of the NCAA Football season, and sports media is already salivating at how great this young man is.

Yes, he did have an amazing night. Winston threw 25/27 for 356 yards, four touchdowns and zero interceptions.  He also set the school record for completion percentage in a minimum of 15 attempts, as Florida walloped the Pittsburgh Panthers by the score of 41-13.

So, maybe an amazing night is an understatement, as Winston threw over 350 with four touchdowns, no picks and only threw two incompletions. Nevertheless, it was only one game, which is what sports media and fans tend to forget.

Now, what I am about to say may offend some fans of Winston, but this is in no way a knock on him. The team he played against in Pittsburgh was an unranked team, while Florida is currently ranked No. 11.

However, supposedly Pittsburgh has a good number of players on their defense, and approximately eight of them were ranked in the top 20 last year.

Either way, whether Pittsburgh’s defense is good or not, only throwing two incomplete passes for an entire game is just astounding.

I just plead with the media and fans to not go overboard with this guy, and turn him into the next Johnny Manziel. I fully believe the whole “Johnny Football” talk fed his ego and made him believe he was bigger than the game, and now he just looks like an immature punk.

Winston obviously had alot of hype coming out of high school, and I just hope, for his sake, that he can continue to excel and not let this one game, sports media and fans alter his mindset and make him believe he is bigger than the game.

The NFL has enough ego maniacs in the league, so it would be nice if a new generation of college athletes, led by Winston (since football now-a-days is all about quarterbacks), could change things and lead by example, with respect and a hard work ethic. Hopefully, one day, we can have an NFL where all of the players care more about the team than how they look on camera and in the media.

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