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The Most Annoying Player on Each NFL Team

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Which player from each NFL team is the biggest gear grinder?

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The NFL is full of lively characters.

From team-first players who would do anything in their power to notch a win, to annoying, “me first” guys who are only in it for the money, the spectrum of personalities is constantly widening as the years go by.

Unfortunately, the ones who typically make the most news fit in the latter category. The players who divulge in ridiculous on-field antics and start fights at clubs are often the ones who get the most media attention. That’s just the way the world works in the media-driven 21st century.

In all honesty, who really wants to hear about a player who goes out and does his job every day. That’s great, but what’s exciting about that story, right?

Instead, we want to hear about the people who stir up trouble and get the fans’ blood boiling. Although it might not always be because a player pulled a Sharpie out of their sock after a touchdown or grabbed a hidden cellphone out from under the goal post pad, there are plenty of ways for NFL players to make their marks in the “annoying” column.

Some players make their names known by the amount of injuries that they accumulate over the years, wasting away prime talent in the process. Others opt not to show up on game day, making fans scratch their heads and wonder why the production doesn’t match the skill set. There are even the select few who see themselves as super humans, simply too phenomenal for the rest of the league to handle.

One way or another, the names compiled on this list have found their own unique way to annoy fans. Take a look and see which player from each team is the most annoying for one reason or another.

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Baltimore Ravens – Bryant McKinnie


Is McKinnie actually still on the team? One day he is, the next he isn’t. Despite failing to show any commitment to his NFL career and struggling to stay in shape, McKinnie continues to pull on the long leash that the Baltimore Ravens have him by. There’s a reason the Vikings let him go, and the Ravens are quickly learning that he’s no longer an NFL-caliber talent.

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Cleveland Browns – Greg Little


Little has the potential and tools to be a legitimate No. 1 receiver in the NFL. The only problem is that he continues to get in his own way. Whether it’s dropping passes or miscommunication with his quarterback, Little hasn’t met the expectations the Cleveland Browns had for him. It’s like he’s so confident in his abilities that they seize to existent on Sundays.

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Cincinnati Bengals – Taylor Mays

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

It’s very disheartening to see such an elite talent waste itself at the highest level of play. When Mays was in college, the football world couldn’t get enough of him. He was athletic, strong and the ultimate playmaker. Unfortunately, all of those skills haven’t translated over to the NFL as well as the Cincinnati Bengals would have liked. More than likely, he’ll always be seen as a bust.

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Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger


The fame and fortune has gotten to Roethlisberger’s head so hard that he thinks any woman would be crazy to turn him down. The whole sexual assault situation isn’t the only example of pompous action from Big Ben, though. The way he carries himself on the football field proves that he’s more untouchable in his head than he’ll ever be in reality. It's the same attitude that many Pittsburgh Steelers fans carry, and it's annoying.

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Houston Texans – Andre Johnson


As the years go by, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Johnson isn’t the same receiver he once was. In between injuries, Johnson struggles to maintain his standing as a constant threat and has begun to have issues with dropping balls as well. Even though the Houston Texans offense has become one of the most productive in recent years, Johnson’s role in that equation is quickly shrinking as fantasy owners everywhere demand a refund.

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Indianapolis Colts – Winston Justice


It’s baffling to see that Justice is still holding down a starting spot in the NFL. Throughout his career, he has been a subpar blocker at best and yet finds the audacity to talk to the media as if he’s an important cog in the Indianapolis Colts’ plans. It won’t be long before they find his replacement and he returns to irrelevance.

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Jacksonville Jaguars – Maurice Jones-Drew


Since they first drafted Jones-Drew, the Jacksonville Jaguars have allowed him to be the focal point of their offense, feeding him the ball early and often. As a result, he has emerged as one of the NFL’s best running backs. So how does he repay his team? By holding out and demanding more money. The Jaguars need Jones-Drew, but won’t continue to put up with his nonsense for much longer.

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Tennessee Titans – Chris Johnson

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

In a matter of two years, CJ2K has become CJNoK. His 2011 season was a huge letdown, but things were expected to turn around in 2012. That, however, hasn’t been the case as Johnson continues to struggle as the Tennessee Titans force-feed him the ball. The worst part of it all: Johnson has yet to take the blame for any of his shortcomings, blaming it all on his offensive line. What a great teammate.

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Denver Broncos – D.J. Williams

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

Williams is the leader of the Denver Broncos defense, and yet it seems like he could care less whether or not he’s available to help his team. After landing a six-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, Williams managed to tack on an extra three games after being convicted for driving while impaired. Don’t worry Williams; looks like the Broncos will do it without you. Thanks for showing your support.

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Kansas City Chiefs – Peyton Hillis

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

One year, we’re all raving about how amazing Hillis is. All of the sudden, there’s this big, bruising back that no NFL defense can seem to slow down. Then he gets on the cover of Madden and it’s all downhill from there. Now Hillis is fighting injury and inconsistency; it’s unlikely that he’ll ever be that same dominant running back again.

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Oakland Raiders – Rolando McClain

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Another one of those top talents gone wrong, McClain hasn’t lived up to the atmospheric expectations that made him a first-round draft pick. Although the physical tools are there, McClain routinely finds himself out of position and behind plays by the time he makes the complete read. It’s doubtful that he’s the future of the Oakland Raiders defense as his streaky tackling abilities continue to disappoint.

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San Diego Chargers – Philip Rivers

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Rivers is slowly starting to evolve into Romo 2.0. Despite his abilities as an outstanding NFL quarterback, Rivers consistently fails to make big plays in big moments and always finds a way to blow playoff opportunities when they arise. Unless he can get the San Diego Chargers into the postseason this year, he might be a casualty to the team’s impending rebuilding project.

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Buffalo Bills – Stevie Johnson

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

Johnson asks, “Why so serious?” Well Stevie, it’s because you have no right to leave your arrogance lying all over the football field every Sunday. Sure, you’re a decent wide receiver who makes plays for a lackluster Buffalo Bills offense. Your inconsistent hands and tendency to drop potential touchdowns, however, are why people are so serious when criticizing you. Step it up.

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Miami Dolphins – Cameron Wake

Jonathan Brownfield-US PRESSWIRE

It didn’t take long for the success to get to his head after breaking out with the Miami Dolphins in 2011. Following a near-elite performance, Wake insisted on holding out until the team handed him a huge, $49 million payday. In one season, he managed to go from a promising young talent to a pompous playmaker who will probably never live up to the money he received.

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New England Patriots – Tom Brady


The NFL’s Golden Boy, Brady’s name and face can be seen just about anywhere you go. From billboard ads to television commercials, the New England Patriots’ success over the past decade has led many to pin Brady as the league’s ultimate image of victory. The worst part is that he doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon, and neither are the Patriots.

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New York Jets – Tim Tebow


Sure, the media attention and Tebowing are obnoxious. What is really annoying about Tebow, however, is his nonchalance when it comes to being the New York Jets’ starting quarterback. Week after week, he watches Mark Sanchez struggle and continues to play it off to the media as if he’s the ultimate team player. Stand up for yourself and stop letting Sanchez sink the Gang Green’s chances of winning this season. If this included coaches, though, Rex Ryan would have won by a landslide.

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Chicago Bears – Jay Cutler


The NFL’s No. 1 crybaby, Cutler has made a name for himself as a player who only plays hard when he feels like it. When the going gets tough, though, he checks out and it shows. Cutler can routinely be seen moping on the sidelines regardless of how good the Chicago Bears are doing and shuts down when it will actually require effort to win. He’s an awful competitor and everyone knows it.

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Detroit Lions – Ndamukong Suh

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

So much talent, and yet he continues to let his temper limit his production and domination of opponents. From stepping on people to flinging quarterbacks to the ground by their facemasks, it seems like Suh is incapable of controlling his emotions on the field. For a player with so much potential, it’s annoying to see him creating his own crutches.

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Green Bay Packers – Jermichael Finley


When you have personal issues with your quarterback, especially a certain former Super Bowl MVP named Aaron Rodgers, you keep your thoughts to yourself and away from the media. Instead, Finley decided to take the drama route and called out Rodgers in public. If there were chemistry problems before, they’ll be even worse now. There wouldn’t be as many problems if you’d cut down on the drops, anyways.

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Minnesota Vikings – Chris Kluwe

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Who said punters can’t have personalities? Although Kluwe doesn’t have too many on-field antics to rave about other than the occasional dance routine, the Minnesota Vikings punter makes his mark via the Internet. Known for his ridiculous Twitter rants and op-ed pieces, Kluwe has made a name for himself as one of the most eccentric, crass, outspoken players in the NFL.

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Atlanta Falcons – Ray Edwards

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

While he was with the Vikings, Edwards was a poor sport about being the No. 2 rusher to Jared Allen. When he left to join the Atlanta Falcons via free agency, it was assumed that he’d take over for John Abraham as their top defensive end. Well, that hasn’t panned out as expected as injuries continue to hold him back. Edwards complains way too much considering his lack of consistent production.

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Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

It’s amazing to see how one person can change so much when things aren’t going exactly their way. After an outstanding rookie season, Newton has been hit hard by the sophomore slump and it’s showing in other areas besides on-field performance. He looks flustered on the sideline and isn’t showing the same charisma that he had in 2011. Looks like the Carolina Panthers got the same quarterback that garnered so much criticism during his days at Auburn after all.

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New Orleans Saints – Jonathan Vilma

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

You fought the law and the law won; deal with it, Vilma. After being discovered as the leader behind a bounty program for the New Orleans Saints, the linebacker was suspended for a year. He wasn’t having it, though, and took the NFL to court in hopes of overturning the ruling. Although it worked, the NFL reaffirmed the ruling and has again barred Vilma from the field for the rest of the 2012 season. Don’t be a poor sport; just accept it and move on.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Vincent Jackson


Throughout his NFL career, Jackson has shown that he’s the type of player who believes he deserves to be handed everything. He held out with the Chargers last season before finally signing his RFA tender almost halfway through the season. To make matters worse, Jackson hasn’t been the dynamic receiver that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were hoping for when they offered him big bucks this offseason.

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Arizona Cardinals – Ryan Williams

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Kevin Kolb seemed like a prime candidate for this award, but the Arizona Cardinals’ 4-1 start makes it hard to go in that direction. As for Williams, who was considered a top talent when they made him a 2011 second rounder, he’s been a tremendous bust since joining the Cardinals. After missing his rookie season due to injury, he’s headed for the IR again and continues to annoy Arizona fans everywhere.

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St. Louis Rams – Cortland Finnegan


Although he doesn’t seem to be having too much trouble since joining the St. Louis Rams, Finnegan is one of the NFL’s most infamous trash talkers who will do anything to get into the head of his opponent. As stated earlier, he entered his name into the most annoying race when Texans receiver Johnson and he got into a very physical fight during the 2011 season.

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San Francisco 49ers – Randy Moss

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Well, it is Moss after all. Just about everyone that has been paying some sort of attention to the NFL over the past few years knows about Moss and his on-field antics. From pretending to moon a bunch of Packers fans to sideline squabbles with coaches and players alike, Moss is no stranger to drama. The problems haven’t hit with the San Francisco 49ers yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

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Seattle Seahawks – Marshawn Lynch


Yes, Lynch is arguably one of the best running backs currently in the NFL when he’s performing at his best. The arrogance that he plays with, however, is very off-putting. One perfect example of this arrogance is the crotch grab that capped off his historic run against the Saints in the 2010 playoffs. It’s great that you are aware of your abilities, but have some class.

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Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

For having so much talent, it’s really annoying to see Romo continue to fall short each and every season. Whether it’s choking at the end of the regular season and falling short of the playoffs or letting his lack of clutch kick in during the postseason, Romo has become the epitome of a great player who shuts down in key situations. The Dallas Cowboys can count themselves out until Romo is no longer their quarterback.

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New York Giants – Terrell Thomas


Seriously, Thomas; when will you stay healthy for an entire season and succeed in keeping your ACL intact? The New York Giants’ once-promising cornerback displayed glimpses of elite talent in 2010, but has spent the last two seasons on the IR list while the secondary struggles to find replacements. Thomas won’t be back until 2013, which might be his last season to prove he’s worth keeping around.

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Philadelphia Eagles – DeSean Jackson

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

It’s painful at times to watch such a talented player act like such a buffoon. He catches a touchdown and follows it up with some moronic dance. He jukes out defenders and flips into the endzone, coming within inches of breaking his neck. He hauls in a long pass and drops the ball before he even crosses the goal line. The Philadelphia Eagles are glad to have Jackson, but it’s undeniable that he’s a liability.

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Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III


More than anything, it gets old constantly hearing people gush about how amazing RG3 is. The guy is only five games into his NFL career and he’s already being lauded as one of the league’s most electrifying quarterbacks. Before he can elevate himself to that level, Griffin is going to have to win a few more games while staying healthy. Let’s all remember what’s happening to Newton in 2012, too.

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