Bill Belichick Does Not HateTim Tebow, New England Patriots Next Home For QB?

By Devin O'Barr
Tim Tebow with the New York Jets
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Judging by the way that NFL players and coaches act on Sundays, you’d think that half of these guys absolutely despise one another. Luckily, the league is a place full of respect and integrity, and low blows are only handed out between the white lines. For example, when rumors spread that Bill Belichick reportedly “hates” Tim Tebow‘s style of play, the New England Patriots head coach was quick to shoot them down.

Belichick may be a cheater for his actions involving “Spygate” a few years ago, but he isn’t a guy who gets his kicks off of bashing poor 25-year-old players like Tebow. In fact, the Patriots have been linked to the ex-Florida Gators QB since before he even made it into the professional ranks. Yes — the player that Belichick supposedly hates was brought to Foxboro prior to the 2010 NFL Draft for a pre-draft workout.

Had the Denver Broncos not jumped up to draft Tebow, the Patriots could have easily snagged him in the later rounds. Either way, if you even have an inch of football integrity, you don’t hate Tebow. Despite inheriting a 1-2 record in Week 3, this guy won a playoff game in miraculous fashion with the Broncos in 2011.

For those of you who love to connect the dots, take a look at the Patriots’ offensive coordinator and his unique career path.

Josh McDaniels is New England’s current OC and was Tebow’s first NFL head coach. Therefore, McDaniels is the one responsible for even allowing Tebow to enter the league in the first place. Obviously, McDaniels sees something in Tebow and with a few more years of maturation under his belt, Tebow could easily reunite with McDaniels in Foxboro as early as this summer.

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