Philadelphia Eagles: Nick Foles Should Be Starting Quarterback

By Joseph Hickman


Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles
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Yes, I will be millionth person to write about the Philadelphia Eagles‘ quarterback situation, but it is what it is until Chip Kelly finally decides to name a starter. I could have written about how Pepperidge Farms Cheddar Gold Fish are filled with awesomeness. I would have thoroughly enjoyed that.

On day one of training camp (rookies only), Mr. Nick Foles was on site and sporting a new look for all of the ladies. Uncle Rico would be proud. Nick, I apologize, I didn’t mean to refer to you as Napoleon Dynamite simply because I am on Team Foles for the battle of the quarterbacks. You have to take a side, right? Michael Vick is 33 years old and he is not changing his careless ways. Matt Barkley is intriguing but what is he? He was a fourth-round pick this year but was a top-10 pick had he came out last year. That is where Foles comes in. People love to say that, at best, he will be a backup QB. Maybe that is true. However, that so-called backup QB performed just as well, if not slightly better, than Vick in front of an offensive line that was awful as a rookie.

Foles had a completion rate of 60.7 percent and threw for six touchdowns. He also threw five interceptions and 1-6 as a starter. Vick had a completion rate of 58 percent and threw for 12 touchdowns along with 10 interceptions. Vick went 3-6 as a starter. Under Vick, the Eagles averaged 330 yards per game. Under Foles, they averaged 331.3 yards. So obviously, they both were able to move the ball quite similarly. However, under Foles, the Eagles averaged 20 points per game, while they averaged 16.3 points per game  under Vick. I actually didn’t put that Dallas Cowboys game in there from November 11 because Vick got hurt and Foles relieved him.

So don’t give me the, “if Chip wants to win now, he needs to name Vick the starter”. Sorry, I just don’t see it and the numbers don’t add up as either. In Foles, I see a kid who came into a tough spot and performed decently as a rookie. He even had a game-winning drive against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (two seconds left on the clock). I just love the fact that the kid called his own play on that throw to Jeremy Maclin for the game winner.

It might seem that I am a Vick “hater”, but I’m really not. I just don’t see the point of him being here anymore. I truly believe that the Eagles can win just as many games with Foles at the helm this year (6-8 wins). Maybe even find a starting quarterback for the future.

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