Tim Tebow: Not As Great As Everyone Thinks

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You know, Tim Tebow really isn’t a good quarterback. Now, before you start thinking that this writer must be totally clueless, and how on earth did this moron ever get hired, let me explain.

I am a baseball writer first, however, football is my second favorite sport, and I have been known, on many occasions, to switch between a baseball and football game if they are both being televised. I remember hearing about these amazing comebacks that the Denver Broncos had been involved in, and this young quarterback who was leading the way during the 2012 NFL season. I watched of those games and saw Tebow rushing for touchdown after touchdown, making some strong passes, and basically doing everything you would want your quarterback to do in that situation. I couldn’t understand why John Elway never seemed confident with Tebow as his quarterback, and once he found out Peyton Manning was available, shipped Tebow out as quickly as he could. The Broncos went to the playoffs that year. It didn’t make sense why he would want to get rid of his quarterback.

Tebow then went to the New York Jets, and everything seemed great when he first got there. Supposedly, the Jets would make Tebow their Wildcat quarterback and everything would be ducky. He was going to be the biggest name to hit that city since Joe Namath. Of course, that didn’t happen. Rex Ryan seemed almost clueless on how to use him, and towards the end of the season he just sat on the sidelines. Again, when a  better quarterback became available, in this case being Geno Smith, Tebow was again run out of town.

I still couldn’t understand this. Tebow had taken Denver to the playoffs, and had even gotten them past the first round. New York was a huge mess anyways, so why couldn’t this guy stick with a team? When Tebow signed with the New England Patriots, I made it a point to watch as much of him as possible: games, highlights, you name it.

Some people love to write about sports and are such passionate fans because they often wanted to play, but for some reason it never worked out. They write and talk about sports, and can be critical at times with athletes, because they have a twinge of jealousy that these players are doing some amazing physical feats and they think to themselves, “Man, I wish I could do that.” Watching Tebow was not one of those moments for me. As a matter of fact, I had the opposition reaction; the overwhelming feeling that if Bill Belichick had gone insane, suited me up and thrown me out on the field, the performance would have been about the same. That’s fine for a sports blogger, but for a third-string quarterback fighting for his NFL career, not so much.

Tebow really has been terrible this preseason. He played in two games against the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and completed five passes in both games. He was sacked more than once, and one of his better throws was an interception. He didn’t even play in the blowout against the Detroit Lions. Supposedly, Belichick may have an offensive package designed specifically for him, but that seems like way too much time and effort to be used on a player who may never see the light of day all season. It also seems like a waste of a roster spot when you could use a player who can do a few different things well, rather than change your whole offense around in the small chance that Tebow might see any action.

It appears as though something clicks in pressure situations with Tebow, and in the fourth quarter he is a different quarterback. If the NFL only played one quarter, the Patriots might have something special. Belichick must have some plan for him, but who knows what that could be.

Tebow is the type of guy you would love to have your daughter bring home. In terms of running your offense, however, no way.


Carter Roane is a Boston Red Sox writer for Rantsports.com. Follow him on Twitter@CarterGRoane, “Like” him on Facebook or add him to your network on Google.


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  • bgilman45

    Who, exactly, thinks Tebow is great? Or, even good, as a QB? Havent heard anyone say that. So this column seems like a waste of time.

    • Phil Naegely

      many think he is including skip bayless

    • ApeMan1976

      It is very funny to write a “contrarian” column about how someone who is about to be unconditionally released isn’t a great player.

    • ThePrufessa

      you clearly have been living in a bubble the past 2.5 seasons.

  • jock itch

    2011 season. 2012 was last year, Champ

  • Sean Patrick

    Thankfully we have Captain Obvious on Rant Sports to tell the public something they’ve known for years

    • ApeMan1976

      Yes, who are these people who think Tebow is good? He’s going to be out of football in a week.

      • Sean Patrick


  • captaindandan

    So Carter Roane sez “put me out on the field and I’ll do about the same” (as Tebow).

    W-H-O the f#c k-is Mr Carter Roane??
    Tebow throws what 9 passes and two go for touchdowns, one interception. And Mr. Roane sez, “Tebow not as good as everyone thinks” .
    Tebow sacked 3 times (did YOU see the one hike that went way over his head? He had to jump to get it?? = a busted play = a sack.
    Is the bad hike Tebow’s fault too.?

    A lot of us remember Tebow from the four great years at the Florida Gators and wish we could see him like he was in the glory days ….
    that isn’t happening in the NFL
    1st year on the bench
    2nd year played 9 games won 8 lost 1 to New England (in New England)
    3rd year: jacked off by the JJJETs “superb” head coach
    4th year: walk on Patriots, NO CONTRACT, NO guaranteed money.
    TIM stayed and played anyway.

    The Christian side of me says, “I rebuke you in Jesus’ name.”

    The carnal side of me says, “Mr. Carter Roane, “with all due respect, sir, GO F#C
    k your-self twice in the a-hole with a big stick.” “Sideways”
    Tebow loses we criticize him
    Tebow wins we criticize him wtf

    • ThePrufessa

      first of all you dummy, he lost more than 1 game. he was destroyed by the lions before the lucky win streak started. he also lost to the bills and the chiefs in addition to losing to the patriots TWICE. the patriots, lions and bills all DESTROYED him.

    • ThePrufessa

      i’m sure JC is thrilled to hear one of his so-called followers speak like that. i’m sure talking like that is punching your ticket to heaven right on through.

  • bcmugger

    Yet another jew writer slandering a non jew.

  • Rick Eger

    Leave Tebow alone!

  • gapeterson

    Did you mean??? Tim Tebow is not as great as Tim Tebow thinks Tim Tebow is???? because other than ESPN i would have a rough time finding many other Tim Tebow supporters, other than Tim Tebow….

    • ThePrufessa

      are you crazy? go read the comments to any article and you will still find people that thinks this bum is good enough to play in the nfl.